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Job Creation Perppu Regulates a Minimum Wage, Aligning the Interests of All Parties


Jakarta — Perppu Cipta Kerja has regulated the matter of minimum wages, which is in line with the interests of all parties, starting from business actors, investors and also workers or laborers themselves and aims to further improve welfare, justice, prosperity to livelihoods decent for all Indonesian people.

Government Regulation in Lieu of Law ( Perppu ) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation has been legally issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI ) some time ago. One of the issuances of the Job Creation Perppu is to follow up on the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) and also consider many other aspects.

These aspects are global economic conditions which are increasingly uncertain and also how the world’s geopolitical conditions are due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine which until this moment seems to have not been resolved. Of course, all these urgent conditions immediately made the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, issue regulations that were able to overcome and anticipate so that Indonesia would not be threatened, especially in the economic aspect.

For information, there are several changes and/or new points that have been included in this Job Creation Perppu . Included in the employment cluster , Article 88D states that the formula for calculating the minimum wage takes into account many other variables , such as economic growth, inflation and certain indices in the country.

Not only that, but in the new article, namely Article 88F, it is also stated that indeed in certain circumstances, the government may stipulate a formula for calculating a Minimum Wage that is different from the formula for calculating the minimum Wage as set out in Article 88D paragraph (2).

Regarding this matter, the Head of the Bureau of Public Relations (Humas) of the Ministry of Manpower , Chairul Fadhly Harahap stated that the purpose of the article, money mentions ‘under certain circumstances ‘ is to consider various other aspects in a comprehensive manner , including how economic and social conditions in Indonesian society.

Of course, with the rules of this new article, which makes it possible to make regulations on different minimum wage setting formulas , it really aligns the interests of all parties, especially when facing certain situations so that the rights of workers can still be guaranteed and given by the parties . his company .

Even though there are articles that allow for differences in minimum wages when faced with certain situations , it does not mean that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia will continue to issue regulations on formulas for setting drinking wages that differ every year, but that the government will also continue to consider various kinds of conditions and what it will be like . perspective of the socio – economic conditions faced by this nation.

According to Chairul , when the conditions for economic growth in the country are good , and the inflation rate is very controlled, it is impossible for the government to immediately use the provisions to change the minimum wage .

Broadly speaking, this Government Regulation in Lieu of Law ( Perppu ) Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation stipulates that the wage policy imposed by the central government is one of the efforts to further realize the rights of workers or laborers to a decent living for humanity.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister (Menko) for the Economy , Airlangga Hartarto stated that the issuance of the Job Creation Perppu which had been carried out by President Joko Widodo was indeed urgent, because for now the economic conditions in Indonesia would face various kinds of threats such as the threat of a global recession to high economic uncertainty.

So with these many threats, of course all of them are the basis for the consideration of the Indonesian Government, which really needs to immediately accelerate anticipation of various global conditions so that Indonesia can avoid the adverse effects of a global recession , increased inflation to the threat of stagflation .

Apart from that, another urgency that President Jokowi considered in issuing the Job Creation Perppu is because the government must be able to restore the deficit of the State Budget (APBN) below 3 percent, including currently the government has an investment realization target of IDR 1,400 trillion in in 2023, which is higher when compared to the investment realization target in 2022.

For this reason, it is indeed very important that the issuance of this Perppu Cipta Kerja , apart from being able to anticipate many threats to the world economy , is also able to realize the investment realization target , it turns out that the enactment of the Perppu Cipta Kerja will also be able to provide legal certainty and also a legal void that previously had occurred so that investors are still holding back from investing in Indonesia.

Able to align the interests of various parties, ranging from actors in the business world, investors to laborers or workers , the issuance of the Job Creation Perppu which has been inaugurated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has also regulated the matter of minimum wages in order to realize prosperity, justice and prosperity to a better life. worthy of all Indonesian people.

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