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KAMI are Splitting the Peace Halves


Our existence is rejected by many people in various regions in Indonesia. They are against this organization because it is considered to break the peace. In addition, KAMI also violated health protocols because we invited so many people to the declaration. Even though they are public figures who should set a good example.
During their speech, members of the Coalition for Action to Save Indonesia promised to save this country, but unfortunately he did not have a concrete example of how. The community was disappointed because they could only talk without helping to deal with the effects of the corona, but demanded that the people be saved. Even though the US members are figures with connections and money.
Unfortunately their excess money is not channeled into good things. The community has rejected the next stage of the KAMI declaration in several cities in Indonesia. Because it seems that KAMI can only show off our strengths and sue the government. But forget that a problem can be resolved quickly if they work together, and they don’t want to join the case.
In Sukoharjo, dozens of people rallied in front of the DPRD building to reject the KAMI declaration to be held there. They joined the Sukoharjo People’s Union. KAMIwere refused entry to the area because they were considered power hungry and a treasonous movement. Besides that KAMI can break the peace in Indonesia because of our hobby of playing one another.
In Bandung there was also a rejection of the US declaration, and even demonstrations were held twice. The first is in front of Gedung Sate, and the second is in the hotel yard where the declaration will be made. Masaa demands that KAMI leave West Java because it is feared that it will cause a corona cluster in the hotel. Because the declaration will be attended by hundreds of people and its health protocol is questionable.
Meanwhile in Boyolali, the masses who were members of the Community Caring for Boyolali (MPB) held a peaceful demonstration on the edge of Alun-Alun Kidul. They refused the presence of KAMI because they were considered as provocateurs of the people. The MPB wants the Indonesian people to unite in peace. So don’t anyone support KAMI because it can divide the nation.
Agus Priyanto, the action coordinator stated that the Action Coalition to Save Indonesia was not in accordance with the vision and mission of the MPB. That organization should not enter because it will damage the peace and conducive situation in Boyolali. It is feared that if WE make a declaration, people’s attitudes will split and lead to division and lead to sharp conflicts.
KAMI refusal in many cities shows that this organization does not win the sympathy of the people. How can they save Indonesia, if they don’t want to cooperate with the government? In fact, they usually just show off their ability to make a speech and then berate government policies. It’s really not beautiful because they are senior figures but they can’t keep what they say.
The Action Coalition to Save Indonesia also cannot show what steps are being taken to save Indonesia. Because people need clarity and of course work. If only they opened a company with labor-intensive industries, it would clearly help the community, because the number of unemployed could be drastically reduced.
KAMI figures are considered to be Sengkuni figures who are traitors to the nation. Because they insisted that the president be impeached. In addition, people are also provoked to hate the government which they consider to be wrongdoers. In fact, it is KAMI who are playing the victim and consider ourselves the victim, even though we are the perpetrators of peace breakers.
If KAMI have been rejected in various cities, what do you want to do? They should have introspected why they didn’t get popular support. Because the people are smart and not easily provoked by their bad influence, which invites them to be hostile to the government. No one else will be persuaded by KAMI because it could break Indonesia’s peace.

Lola Ariesty, author is a socio-political observer, active in Millennial Political Literacy Rise

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