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KAMI Confuse Indonesia’s Political Situation


By: Dede Sulaiman) *

The Coalition for Action to Save Indonesia (WE) boasted that it was formed because it wanted to make this country safe and peaceful. However, in reality, the existence of this coalition only worsened the political situation. Because they are busy elbowing here and there and criticizing the government, thus disrupting the peaceful atmosphere in Indonesia.

Early last August, a coalition of actions to save Indonesia was formed by several figures such as Rocky Gerung, Din Syamsudin, Said Didu, and others. They argued that this country must be saved and now there is no oversight of the government. The opposition lacks courage to criticize the president and Indonesia is currently on the wrong track.

The statement made by US members is very regrettable because it can disturb the political atmosphere in Indonesia. Indeed, since the 2014 presidential election, the president has always been attacked by the opposition. Now that WE have admitted to being a non-party opposition organization, blasphemies against Jokowi and his government will be made more frequent.

OUR members can argue that they are only supervisors because Indonesia’s condition is like a shipwreck. In fact, this country is doing just fine. The government has worked hard to restore the country’s financial condition and overcome the corona patients. The situation in Indonesia is very safe and there is no recession in the economic sector as they alleged.

In fact, statements from US members who always criticize the government can destabilize the political situation in Indonesia. The public can be provoked by their incitement and even become apathetic towards government programs. Moreover, at the end of this year there will be simultaneous regional elections. Many people can abstain because they are lazy and think the government is always wrong.

Provocation from US members can be the cause of the flood of abstinence and this is very dangerous because it can undermine democracy. The political situation in Indonesia can fluctuate and trust in the president will decline. Even though Jokowi has tried hard to overcome all problems in Indonesia, especially in communities affected by corona.

Why should the action coalition that should save Indonesia always blaspheme the government? Even if one of them becomes part of the government, for example the Regent, it is not certain that they will be able to solve a thousand and one problems in society. Don’t just be good at cursing and heating up the political climate, but you can’t help the little people.

The mode of wanting to save Indonesia is thought to be a tool to increase the level of popularity of US figures. Although they are evasive, according to Muhammad Kapitra, a legal expert, the formation of a coalition is full of political interests. All figures have the ambition to become rulers and come together to fulfill their mission.

There are still 4 years ahead of the 2024 general election. If our members succeed in attracting the sympathy of the public, then their path to become presidential candidates will be smoother. WE members also boast that they are supported by many parties. Starting from former officials, retired officers, professors, to children of former officials.

Even though the support from many parties does not automatically increase their name. Because in reality, WE are a collection of figures who failed to occupy positions and strategic positions in the government, because the President chose others who were considered more competent. WE are seen as a line of heartache that can only curse the government.

The OUR declaration was also ridiculed for being deemed to have no empathy for the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This should be a period of concern, but instead made a declaration. Moreover, there will be a national declaration in many cities in Indonesia. Why come together if you only talk politics without any real solutions?

If OUR members really care about Indonesia, then don’t criticize, but take real action. For example, by raising funds for corona victims or social work. Don’t even heat up the political situation and only criticize the government. However, it does not provide a solution at all.

) * The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Strategic Studies Institute (LSISI)

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