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KAMI Vigilant Provokes Negatives


By: Zakaria) *
KAMI become a byword in society, but not because of their expertise, but because of the sensation and negative news. They should be ashamed of his name, because they never tried to save Indonesia. But instead they messed up, provoked, and acted their own way.
Since its inception, KAMI have been sensational because we were determined to make a declaration in a public place and invited many people. Their steps are considered unethical, because we are still in a pandemic era. Holding an event of that size is worrying because it could create a new corona cluster, and they should be ashamed, because as public figures it actually sets a bad example.
KAMI speak casually by suing the government. Starting from requests to overcome corona, to prohibiting foreign investment. This demand actually made many people laugh, because in fact the President had been dealing with corona since the beginning of the pandemic. Meanwhile, foreign investment is not what they think, because there is only a maximum of 49% shares.
Who are they? KAMI are just a group of former officials who no longer have power . But only good at making speeches and failing to carry out missions. Then formed an organization with the aim of finding a stage, so that later the community would be chosen to become officials again. Even Gatot Nurmantyo is said to want to be a presidential candidate in 2024.
If they do have a political mission, why not create a party? Former President Megawati has also made it clear that KAMI have the ambition to become president. Therefore, do not form an organization. But just make a new party, and they already know the procedure.
Society antipathy to US because of inconsistency. When interviewed last August, he said they had no political goals. However, when interviewed by reporters this October, finally there was one US member who blurted out that his organization had political objectives. How wishy-washy and sad.
KAMI were also caught double-faced when banning the Regional Headquarters simultaneously, for fear of a corona. Even though during the declaration, they clearly violated the health protocol. Also when there were issues of the omnibus law, they even supported workers to demonstrate. But forget that protests can lead to new corona clusters.
When a US member is arrested because he is proven to have spread hoaxes and provocations on social media, they get emotional and immediately meet the police. With great anger, Din Syamsudin accused this arrest of not being in accordance with procedure and of lacking evidence. But in fact, this case is in accordance with Indonesian law.
This accusation is wrong because Sprindik was released on 12 October and his arrest on 13 October. Meanwhile, if someone is subject to the ITE Law, a person can be banned only with evidence in the form of a screenshot of their status on social media. Because he acts in cyberspace, not the real world.
Din Syamsudin could not go around on his own and immediately asked the police to release his organization members. He forgot that he now has no more power (or has the post power syndrome ?). Besides, the US members who are arrested are still in legal proceedings, so they cannot just get away with it.
If the quality of KAMI members is visible from several cases blown up by the media, then don’t give them a stage. Indonesia does not need a candidate for leader who likes his own emotions and is arbitrary. If KAMI are wishy-washy and inconsistent in what we say, can we still be trusted to be a presidential candidate?
Let no one be persuaded by US because they are proven to be two-faced, full of provocation, and are arbitrary. This organization has failed miserably in carrying out its mission and in the end can only blame the government. They are also good at playing drama and playing the victim , acting as if they were wronged even though they made a fatal mistake.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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