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Keep Health Protocols and Avoid Euphoria of Decreasing Covid-19 Cases


By: Ahmad Fauzan)*

The decrease in the number of Corona patients is very grateful because PPKM has proven to be effective in controlling Corona. However, we must continue to comply with the Prokes and not get carried away in euphoria because the threat of the Covid-19 virus is still lurking.

How is Corona today? There is good news when the number of covid patients drops drastically to ‘only’ 7,000 people per day (data on September 6, 2021). When compared with 2 months ago, it is very good, because last July the number of Covid patients was above 30,000 people per day.
The decline in the number of Corona patients shows the government’s seriousness in controlling the Covid-19 virus. But we must not be careless at all and then neglect and take off the mask while traveling, because the situation is not really safe. Corona is still lurking everywhere, especially now that the evil virus has mutated into a Mu variant which is much more virulent than the Alfa variant (first generation).

The Head of Palembang Polrestabes Kombes Pol Irvan Prawira Satyaputra stated that there were some loosening of rules during PPKM, due to a decrease in Corona cases in Palembang. Among them, the Mall is allowed to open, a maximum of 8 pm and the capacity is only 50%. In addition, cafes are also allowed to dine in but visitors are also limited and they are only allowed to open until 8 pm as well.

However, Kombes Pol Irvan added that there were violations of health protocols despite the loosening of rules. The most frequent are cafe owners and they are constantly reprimanded to obey the points in the health protocol. The reason is because there are still people whose capacity is booming, even though the maximum number of visitors is only 25%.
When a business owner is stubborn, he can be severely reprimanded and fined up to tens of millions of rupiah, and the place is sealed for several days. This punishment is deemed appropriate so that they continue to remember to comply with the points in the 10M health protocol. When sealed, the cafe must be sterilized to make sure that there is no covid-19 virus left after there is a crowd.
This assertion is reasonable because people should not celebrate ‘freedom’ and drown in euphoria, then have a big party at the cafe. The place has changed from a semi-restaurant to a location for ‘clubbing’ and many are drinking, of course while taking off their masks. Aren’t they afraid of getting Corona?

The next euphoria occurred when someone secretly held a wedding party and invited hundreds of people. Even though the rules are only 25% of the capacity of the reception area, and all must comply with health protocols, such as wearing masks and washing hands. Remember that a few months ago there was a bride who tragically died of Corona, after having a party at a restaurant in West Java.

The number of covid patients is still around 7,000 per day and we don’t want to be the next patient, then we risk losing our lives because our immune system is down. During the pandemic we must be more vigilant and active in exercising to maintain endurance. In addition, change your diet to be healthy and consume more mineral water, vegetables, and fruits.

In addition, also teach children to orderly wear masks and do not remove them when they arrive at their destination. They have not received vaccinations, so they must be stricter in implementing health protocols. Don’t forget to also give extra vitamins, milk, and honey, so that immunity is maintained.

When the Corona case is decreasing, don’t be happy and lazy to wear a mask. Precisely when we sink into euphoria, that’s where Corona lurks and then secretly infects the body. Keep following the 10M health protocol and maintain immunity.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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