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Keeping Health Protocols and PPKM arey Key Success in Controlling the Covid-19 Pandemic


Since the beginning of 2020, the government has established strict health protocols, followed by various policies such as the Enforcement of Restrictions and Community Activities (PPKM). All rules are made to control the transmission of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has made many people sick, not only physically but also mentally. They feel terrorized because they are afraid of getting corona and some are worried because they stay at home and then get cabin fever or psychological disease because they are in the room too long. So how do you end the pandemic so that many people don’t fall?

The government is trying hard so that Indonesia is free from the pandemic status as soon as possible with health protocols and also PPKM. It is proven that after the PPKM was implemented (since early July 2021), the number of corona patients dropped dramatically. In 2 months, Covid cases fell from 50,000s a day to ‘only’ 10,000s per day.

The decline in corona cases was also accompanied by a decrease in the death rate due to Covid, to only around 3%. Then, BOR (bed occupancy ratio) aka the ratio of bed occupancy rates in hospitals also decreased to only 27%. This is really good news because 2 months ago the BOR was almost 100%, even the patients were placed in tents, in the hospital yard.

We should be grateful for this decline because it signifies the success of PPKM and public order in carrying out its rules. But we must remain vigilant and not be careless in the slightest. The Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G Plate, stated that the public should not be trapped in euphoria even though the number of corona cases has fallen drastically. Don’t be careless and keep raising the alert radar.

Minister Johnny added that vigilance must still be maintained because Covid is dynamic and fluctuating. In a sense, if many are euphoric and then travel on their own, without heeding health protocols and violating PPKM restrictions, they are afraid of increasing the number of corona cases in Indonesia. The reason is that high mobility can automatically become a place for transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Every rule in PPKM must be obeyed. For example, when a restaurant can only have a maximum of 50% of visitors, the owner must limit the customers who want to dine in. The reason is because if the restaurant is full then you can’t keep your distance. He should not be afraid of lack of turnover because it can be overcome by promotion of delivery orders in collaboration with online motorcycle taxi companies.

In addition, the public is also required to obey PPKM rules not to go to the mall when it is full. Don’t be too desperate to invite children, because they haven’t been vaccinated and are not allowed to enter it (temporarily). Rather than later getting corona and the consequences are fatal, because children are more easily infected.

Also obey the 10M health protocol and wear a double mask to increase filtration to 90%, because the delta variant corona is more dangerous. Don’t forget to also bring hand sanitizer when traveling and if necessary when sitting somewhere, spray it first with disinfectant liquid. When eating at the shop, it is better to bring your own cutlery.

The most sacred rule in the health protocol is to keep a distance and avoid crowds but unfortunately there are still those who violate it. People don’t hesitate to contact the Covid task force team when someone is desperate to hold a party and violates the prokes.

We all want to be free from the grip of the pandemic, therefore don’t violate any health protocols and still have to wear masks, even if you just go to buy sugar at a neighboring shop. Also obey all the rules in the PPKM level, and you must be used to doing it. All this is done in order to minimize the transmission of corona, so don’t complain and blame the government.

By: Aulia Hawa )* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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