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KPK Immediately Sets Legal Steps for Lukas Enembe


By: Gibran Naufal Aziz )*

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has examined the health of the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe some time ago in a case of alleged bribery and gratuities for an infrastructure procurement project in Papua Province. The results of the examination will determine the KPK’s legal steps against Lukas in the future.

Spokesperson for the prosecution of the KPK, Ali Fikri, said that the KPK would conduct an assessment based on the results of a health examination conducted directly by the KPK or from Lukas Enembe himself. Until now, the KPK has pocketed Lukas Enembe’s medical records, but these records cannot be disclosed to the public.

Ali explained that the results of medical examinations from other parties received by the KPK would also be taken into consideration in determining Lukas’ legal steps. On the other hand, the search for evidence in the alleged bribery and gratuity case that ensnared Lukas is still being carried out to complete the case file.

Previously, the KPK had talked about the possibility of forcibly picking up Lukas Enembe. However, until now the KPK is still examining the results of Luke’s medical examination by the KPK doctor team and the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI). Ali added that if a forced pick-up was needed against Lukas Enembe as a suspect, the KPK would immediately take action against him.

According to Ali, the forced pick-up of a suspect can be carried out when the suspect is absent from the examination without any information in accordance with Article 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code or KUHAP. But for Lukas Enembe, according to Ali, his attorneys are still trying to communicate with the KPK investigation team.

Ali added that the KPK was still investigating the results of Lukas Enembe’s examination at his residence in Papua. The KPK also underlined that in law enforcement, human rights must be respected.

The chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Firli Bahuri, emphasized that cases of alleged bribery and gratification in Papua were investigated based on sufficient preliminary evidence. Papua Governor Lukas Enembe is certain not to be politicized. Firli also emphasized that his party is still in accordance with the rule of law in processing Lukas related to his case where until now the search for evidence is still being carried out.

Firli Bahuri explained that the examination of Lukas Enembe by a team of IDI doctors and a team of KPK investigators was quite cooperative. For about 1.5 hours, Lukas was examined at his residence in Koya District, Jayapura. He also added that the Papuan people really respect the legal process that is currently underway by the KPK.

On the other hand, Firli was reluctant to reveal the details of a number of interrogation questions against Lukas. He only ensured that Lukas could provide information for the ongoing law enforcement process.

In line with the KPK, the Student Solidarity and Concern for the Development of the Land of Papua Forum supports the KPK’s firm steps in investigating the alleged bribery and gratuity cases that ensnared Lukas Enembe. The KPK was also asked not to hesitate to take action against all parties who obstructed the investigation of this case.

One of the representatives from Papuan students, Charles Kossay at the KPK’s Red and White Building, South Jakarta, asked all parties in Papua not to be provoked by contradictory issues in the investigation of this case. The Papuan people are asked to entrust the investigation of the case to the KPK.

For your information, the KPK has named Lukas Enembe as a suspect in a number of alleged corruption cases. Among other things, related to accepting bribes and project gratification in the Papua region. Luke was named a suspect along with a number of other parties. Unfortunately, the KPK has not disclosed in detail who the suspects are and the construction of the case that ensnared Lukas Enembe.

In addition, Lukas has been prevented from traveling abroad by the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) at the request of the KPK. He was prevented from traveling abroad for the next six months from September 7, 2022 to March 7, 2023.

Not only that, the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) has also blocked the accounts of Lukas Enembe and related parties. The blocking was carried out because PPATK found that there were financial transactions that were odd or suspicious. The latest information, there are PPATK findings related to Luke’s financial transactions that flow to gambling houses, aka casinos abroad. PPATK said the number was nearly half a trillion. The KPK is currently investigating the PPATK’s findings.

Some time ago, a number of witnesses were examined in the Lukas Enembe corruption case. A total of 10 witnesses were examined at the Papua Police Mobile Brigade Headquarters, one of whom was Ridwan Ru Masukun who is the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov). Ridwan was questioned about his main duties and functions at the Papua Provincial Government.

In addition to the Regional Secretary of the Papua Provincial Government, the KPK also examined the information from the Head of the Procurement Service Unit (ULPP) of the Papua Provincial Government, Noldy Taroreh. He was questioned regarding information regarding the intricacies of working on a number of development projects in Papua.

Apart from state officials, the KPK also investigated eight people from the private sector. The eight people are Rijanto Lakka, Bonny Pirono (Commissioner of PT Tabi Bangun Papua), Freddik Banne (employee of PT Tabi Bangun Papua), Meike (Staff Finance of PT Tabi Bangun Papua), Yani Ardiningrum (Staff of PT Tabi Bangun Papua), Irianti Yuspita ( directors of CV Walibhu), Razwell Patrick William Bonay (Commander of CV Walibhu), and Irma Imelda (Staff of CV Walibhu).

Ali said the testimony of the witnesses would later be investigated by the KPK investigation team. So that this information related to their participation in the construction of infrastructure development projects in Papua can be used in the process of further case analysis.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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