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KST Disrupts Papuan Development Deserves Strict Action


Many development programs in Papua have been hampered by the presence of separatist and terrorist groups (KST). The community supports firm action against these gangs so that security stability in Papua can be maintained and the Government’s program to advance Papua can resume running.

Papua is a very potential area because it has a wealth of natural resources in the form of sago, bananas, and other agricultural products. There is also a copper mine with abundant yields. Therefore, the government is trying hard to advance Papua by means of development, so that its potential is maximized and makes its people more prosperous.

However, the development of the Papua region was disrupted due to KST’s actions. They carry out attacks and terror, and the reason is that the Indonesian government is called the ‘colonizer’ because they want independence. Whereas according to international law, all former Dutch colonies in the archipelago were included in the territory of Indonesia, including Papua (formerly West Irian).

Member of the House of Representatives Mochamad Hasbi Jayabaya stated that the government’s attention is quite large on the development of Papua. There are already toll roads, airports, reservoirs, and other infrastructure that can encourage Papua’s economic growth. KST should support President Jokowi’s policy of building infrastructure on the Earth of Cendrawasih.

In a sense, KST should not oppose development in Papua, let alone terrorize workers who are working on infrastructure. The reason is because if there is a lot of development on the Earth of Cendrawasih, then the Papuan people will benefit, because they can move smoothly. Infrastructure made for the people, not for the sake of the government alone.

However, KST was still angry and attacked the officials and construction workers, whom they saw as representatives of the government. In fact, it is the government that is trying to build Papua to be more advanced. If KST thinks that Indonesia is colonizing Papua, then it is impossible to build infrastructure because it will be a waste of money. KST should have thought that way, but their hearts and minds were already shrouded in hatred.

The concerns of members of the DPR are very reasonable because so far KST has been seen as opposing development in Papua. They attacked the worker even though he was concentrating on working on the Trans Papua Road. KST also once shot Istaka Karya workers while they were working on the construction of the bridge.

In fact, among the workers there are also native Papuans. They shouldn’t have attacked their own compatriots. However, because they already hated development, they fired indiscriminately.

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