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KST Source of Suffering for Papuan People


The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is notorious for its cruelty. They are a source of suffering for the people on Earth of Cenderawasih because they often carry out acts of terror that cause many people to lose their lives.

Have you ever heard of KST aka the Separatist and Terrorist group which is a member of the OPM (free Papuan organization)? This rebel group is known for its actions that often harm the community. Starting from forcing to fly the Morning Star flag, proclaiming the Federal Republic of West Papua, to carrying out attacks.

People certainly don’t want to fly the Morning Star flag because it’s the OPM flag. In addition, they are also antipathetic to KST because it pollutes the positive impression of Papua. This Separatist group also makes the people suffer by carrying out attacks.

KST has repeatedly attacked. The attack was carried out by KST on civilians and finally they shot 8 workers in the telecommunications sector, causing fatalities. Of course, the local people were scared because they were worried that KST would reappear after the attack.

The incident in Beoga District certainly made the community suffer because the workers were going to repair the damaged tower. However, KST was prevented from doing so, so that people’s communication was disrupted. What a loss in terms of time and money, especially because there were casualties in this incident.

The parties that were attacked by this group were not only civilians but also the security forces. Like Sertu Eka who died when he was shot by KST members. They have also carried out attacks up to the Koramil post.

The community was very angry because the attacks were carried out repeatedly. KST is a source of suffering for the Papuan people because it hinders progress in the telecommunications sector. In fact, telecommunications is important for students who are still schooling from home and launching business and other affairs from the people of Bumi Cenderawasih.

In addition, when the Trans Papua road was still being built, KST members also made threats. This proves that they are detrimental because the community has waited a long time for this road to be completed, due to a slight delay due to the presence of KST members. The people can’t understand their way of thinking because this road is for the progress of Papua but the development process is actually being hindered.

They also have the heart to kill officers even though the army is the people’s friend, who is tasked with protecting the community. Especially when Sertu Eka was attacked, his wife also died. Even though his status is a health worker and often helps Papuans, including those who are evacuating. If there is no health worker, how will the health of the people in the future be?

People suffer because if there is terror from KST, they will be afraid to leave the house. This will be detrimental because they cannot carry out their activities as usual. However, they are still worried that they will be hit by stray bullets during the KST attack.

They are also afraid of attacks that harm public facilities, such as what happened in Hitadipa, diamond jaya. When a school was burned down by Undianus Kogoya, the KST leader. The burning was also not the first time so that the people were more angry because KST prevented Papuan children from moving forward.

When KST continues to harm the community, they must indeed be shaken. Even being chased directly to the headquarters and indeed there are several headquarters so that they continue to be explored. The goal is of course so that more members are caught and no longer harm the community.

After being caught, KST members must be tried to account for their actions. The penalty of course depends on the case. It is hoped that with the threat of a high penalty, they will give up. Meanwhile, other members who have not been caught will be afraid because the punishment is maximum.

Timothy Gobay, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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