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Lebaran 2022 Homecoming Appreciates Trans Java Toll Infrastructure


Homecomers appreciate the existence of the Trans Java Toll Road infrastructure. The Trans Java toll road, which connects the island of Java, helps travelers to reach their hometowns faster.

In 2022, people are very happy because they can finally go home after 2 years of Eid at home, because of the pandemic. Homecoming is an annual tradition at the end of Ramadan, therefore they always wait for the moment. Especially for nomads, returning home is only done once a year to let go of longing for parents.

The travelers are satisfied when they return home because they pass the representative Trans Java toll road. The 1,000-kilometer road that stretches from Merak to Banyuwangi is indeed a favorite for travelers because it can cut time so that it is more efficient. If you take the Pantura (north coast) route, the trip from Jakarta to Surabaya can take 15 hours, while via the Trans Java toll road it will only take 10 hours.

The speed when going home via the Trans Java toll road makes many people decide to return home via land. There are no more moments of traffic jams on the road when going home and then stress because the car or bus doesn’t move. Especially when going home in a state of fasting, when passing through the usual road it can get hot and tired on the road so you have to cancel it.

A number of travelers also assessed that going home in 2022 was relatively smoother than previous years. Although many cars and buses pass the Trans Java toll road, there is no severe traffic jam. The reason is because the government has implemented several strategies to smooth the flow of vehicles, including the odd-even policy starting from KM 47 of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road to KM 414 Kalikangkung of the Batang-Semarang toll road.

In addition, other policies such as contra flow and one way are also very effective so that going home in 2022 runs very smoothly. Homecomers pass the Trans Java toll road with happy hearts because they drive smoothly and safely to their hometowns.

Beni, one of the travelers, stated that the Trans Java toll road makes the journey back to his village faster, while also saving costs. The facilities on this toll road are also good.

The smooth flow of going home on the Trans Java toll road was also felt by Suratman, the bus driver. He is happy because if he travels via the toll road, the journey is much faster than using the ordinary arterial road.

The appreciation of the people who go home via the Trans Java toll road is purely because they are satisfied with the quality of the road. Toll roads that have been built over the years have proven to be useful for a very long period of time, even decades into the future. The price of toll tickets purchased is also assessed according to its quality.

In addition, the Trans Java toll road is also equipped with a rest area so that travelers can pull over and rest for a while. They can ride to the toilet, just flex their waist, or sleep to relieve fatigue. Driving in a sleepy state is very dangerous so travelers are advised to stop at the nearest rest area.

The existence of the Trans Java Toll Road is considered an effective solution to cut travel time. The Trans Java Toll Road was also built with the best quality, and is equipped with a representative rest area. Therefore, the community also supports the sustainability of the national infrastructure program in various regions for the realization of the nation’s progress.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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