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By : Rashka Pratama )*

The government continues to strive to overcome the handling of Covid-19 through 3T efforts, namely testing or inspection, tracing or tracing, and treatment or treatment. Specifically for the treatment of Covid-19 patients, the government continues to make efforts to fulfill medicines and facilities and health workers.

Spokesperson for the National Covid-19 Handling Task Force or # SatgasCovid19 Reisa Broto Asmoro said the government’s seriousness in overcoming the pandemic was also seen from the supply of drugs for handling Covid-19 which continued to be adequately distributed. Thus, the number of recovered Covid-19 patients continues to increase and the cure rate is increasing.

For the sake of increasing the patient’s recovery ratio, starting on November 4, Covid-19 handling drugs have been distributed to 34 provincial health offices and 779 hospitals throughout Indonesia that specifically handle Covid-19 cases. The government, continued the Task Force, will continue to fulfill the supply of drugs until December 2020.

In addition to medicines for handling Covid-19, the availability of health workers continues to be improved. Until now, the number of medical personnel working at Covid-19 referral hospitals throughout Indonesia has reached 300 thousand people.

With that effort, continued Reisa, it can be seen from the recovery rate of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia which shows an improving trend, which is around 82.84%, while the recovery rate and completion of Covid-19 isolation has increased to around 80.51.

This certainly provides high optimism for the community in passing the Covid-19 pandemic. Reporting from various survey institutions ranging from IPSOS to Nielsen, Indonesians are the most optimistic in facing the Covid-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia.

In order to break the chain of Covid-19, people should not be afraid to get checked out in order to get optimal care and treatment. But it also requires the contribution of all elements of society to implement 3M’s health protocol, which includes wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands.

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