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Local Wisdom Can Prevent Radicalism


By: Sandy Kurniawan)*
All parties need to work together to prevent radicalism, which is still a common threat. One way to prevent radicalism is to strengthen local wisdom in the community.
Bombings, violence, and indiscriminate sweeping occur because of the actions of radical groups and terrorists. They took advantage of their negligence after the reform era, when people were euphoric to enjoy freedom of speech and politics, so they secretly entered Indonesia. Then he slyly influenced many people to join radical groups and form a caliphate state, and to displace Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.
There have been many ways to prevent the spread of radicalism in Indonesia, starting from socialization, disbanding radical groups, to arresting terrorist suspects. However, there is one more thing that needs to be intensified so that radicalism does not get worse, namely through local wisdom. This was conveyed by the chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo.
The man who is familiarly called Bamsoet emphasized that the local wisdom in question is the culture of the Indonesian people who like to help each other. Since the first, even before independence, we have been known as a nation that works together, is friendly, loves peace, and also has great tolerance. This must be reinvested because it is an original culture, while radicalism is an influence from abroad.
In a sense, even though we are already in the millennial era, we must not forget the teachings of our ancestors about maintaining harmony and being tolerant of one another. Before independence, Indonesia already had many ethnic groups and this difference was not disputed. In fact, Jong Java, Jong Ambon, and Jong alias groups of youth from other tribes worked together to realize the independence of this country.
Tolerance is the point because in this internet era we should still maintain good relations with our neighbors and understand each other that not everyone is the same. This lesson must also be improved again in schools, as a place of education for all Indonesian citizens. Do not let there be divisions because everyone was never invited to tolerate others by the teacher.
If students understand tolerance since childhood, they will understand that life in Indonesia is unique because there are many ethnic groups, beliefs, and other differences. However, these differences are not meant to break the peace, but can be combined into a unique melting pot. Differences are beautiful and should not be exaggerated.
This tolerance cannot be accepted by radical groups and terrorists because they want to have a caliphate state that tends to be monarchy and does not match the personality of the Indonesian nation. If there is even the slightest difference, then the radical group can be on fire. The proof is the sweeping ahead of December and other festive months, and they are still determined even though the group has been disbanded.
When all Indonesian citizens understand that tolerance is the key to uniting Indonesia, they will not only memorize it but also practice it. For example, when a neighbor needs help, he will gladly help, even though he is of a different religion. This togetherness is not a problem because what is being done is to unite the community and not change their creed.
Mutual cooperation and tolerance are local wisdom and Indonesian cultural heritage that must be preserved because they can eliminate radical and terrorist groups. If everyone is united and respects each other, then they will avoid and not be easily persuaded and dragged into the current of radicalism. We must re-popularize local wisdom because it is very good for all Indonesian citizens.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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