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Make a Success of Vaccination and Discipline Process for Accelerating Economic Recovery


Vaccination and Prokes discipline are effective efforts to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. The public is urged to comply with these policies in order to accelerate economic recovery.

The government has been running a national vaccination program since January 2021. This effort is one of the steps to restore the health of the Indonesian people. Health recovery also has an impact on economic recovery and the return of community productivity to normal.

It should also be noted that Indonesia ranks 13th in the world in vaccination services. For Acceleration, vaccination stages and flows are summarized. Post-vaccine observation is sufficient for 30 minutes. Not only once did Indonesian President Joko Widodo say that vaccines are a game changer in the midst of the struggle to control Covid-19. All health protocols (prokes), social restriction strategies and quarantine policies will never be enough if there is no herd immunity.

The Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Budi Gunadi Sadikin said that the vaccination made the formation of herd immunity quickly with the lowest risk. Herd Immunity can form naturally, but it will take a long time after so many people are infected, in a wide distribution, which will cause heavy casualties.

Vaccination itself is a procedure for giving a disease antigen, usually in the form of a weakened or dead virus or bacteria, it can also be just part of a virus or bacteria. The goal is to make the immune system recognize and be able to fight when exposed to the disease.

In fact, the immune system recognizes and is able to fight back when exposed to the disease. However, corona virus infection carries a high risk of death and transmission. Therefore, another way is needed to form the immune system, namely by vaccination.

If this vaccination is given en masse, it will certainly encourage the formation of herd immunity in society. This means that people who cannot get the vaccine, such as newborns, or people with certain immune disorders, can get protection from the people around them.

From the point of view of health economics, vaccination is an efficient method of prevention. Say the vaccine costs 900 thousand rupiah, then we can prevent ourselves from transmitting the disease. Compared to the costs incurred when exposed to Covid-19, which requires an average of 9-10 days of treatment, vaccination costs are certainly more efficient. If we work a day to be able to earn 500 thousand, then we can lose potential income of 5 million due to being treated for Covid-19.

The National Covid-19 Handling and Economic Recovery Committee (KPCPEN) was formed in the context of accelerating the handling of Covid-19 as well as economic recovery and national economic transformation. Meanwhile, the Health Protocol (prokes) is a very important element during the Covid-19 pandemic. The process continues even though the vaccination program is running as it is today.

It has been more than a year that the community has carried out prokes during the pandemic. The hope is that the public will understand more about the importance of health care procedures as a way to prevent additional Covid-19 cases. Of course it is very important for the government and business people to strictly refer to the prokes to ensure the safety and health of the people.

In addition, discipline in implementing health protocols will certainly accelerate health recovery and the revival of the national economy. Of course this raises the question, why health protocols are still mandatory even though they have received the vaccine.

Clinical Microbiology Specialist from the Department of Microbiology of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Dr. R Ludhang Pradipta R., M. Biotech, SpMK, said it was possible to be infected with the corona virus before or after vaccination. Therefore, taking preventive measures along with vaccination is the right body protection measure.

According to him, this is because vaccines take time and do not have enough time to provide maximum protection for the body. Ludhang also reminded that vaccines are not drugs whose effects can be felt after two hours of injection. After vaccination, the body still needs a few weeks to build immunity.

Ludhang also revealed that the challenges that must be faced by those who have received the vaccine are to remain disciplined in implementing the 5M health protocol, namely washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds and limiting mobility.

Vaccination is needed to provide immunity until it reaches herd immunity, while health protocols must be adhered to because this is an effort to avoid exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Both must be carried out in harmony so that later many economic actors will run their business so that the economy will recover.

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