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Need Efforts Together Against Covid-19


By: Fandi Ahmad )*

Covid-19 virus can be combated with cooperation from various parties. So we not only rely on assistance from the central government, but also try together to beat Corona with collaboration from local governments, school principals, office managers, and other parties. With cooperation, transmission of Corona will be very minimal.

Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro, a member of the public communication team on the national task force handling co-19 stated that people can remind and help one another. In addition, the Corona pandemic must be taken seriously. So never underestimate let alone consider it just a conspiracy theory.

According to Dr. Reisa, the Corona transmission chain can be broken quickly, provided there is cooperation and community togetherness to comply with health protocols. Because if there are only 1 or 2 people wearing masks, it will be useless. When 70 percent of the people do not wear masks, it will still be a place for covid-19 virus transmission in public spaces.

Masks must be worn when outside the home. When you arrive at the office or other public place, do not take it off. Because if many just hang a mask on their chin, it will be difficult for Indonesia to be free from Corona. When you feel hard to breathe using a cloth mask, then look for the scuba model or N95 mask so that we can breathe air with relief.

The strength of the Indonesian people is solidarity and mutual cooperation. Still according to Dr. Reisa, there needs to be collaboration from all elements, ranging from the government, the authorities, volunteers, mass organizations, to the office manager and headmaster. They remain disciplined in passing health protocols and giving examples to the general public.

Health protocol is not difficult as long as it is done together. For example in the office area, managers arrange for workers to enter in turns. Half are in the office while the other half work from home. This is to obey the rules of distance. Disinfectants must be sprayed inside the area and everyone must wear a mask.

In school, it’s also like that. It is not yet clear what date students may enter, but if they are in the green zone, they can study again at school. With the condition that you must wash your hands, wear a mask or face shield, and be in good health. Online learning is also done, so students do not go to school every day. The principal must not force them to study in class as usual.

Regional heads are also obliged to remind their citizens to keep their distance, and often distribute cloth masks. Rapid tests are also often held in public places to capture the people who turned out to be Corona. In addition, if there are people affected by co-19, they can be given basic needs assistance from the regional budget. So no need to wait for social assistance from the central government.

To deal with those affected by Corona, a basic food board can be held. So people who have excess sustenance can give and hang rice and other food supplies there. While those in need can take it. The community can participate in helping others and raising awareness in their own environment.

In the area of ​​the village or housing given a portal to access in and out restricted. The security guard also supervised the area not to be entered randomly. Near the gate there is also a disinfectant spray booth to make it more hygienic. Pak RT and RW are also compact in ensuring that their citizens are safe and if anyone gets Corona, they can be directly taken to the hospital.

With the collaboration of various parties ranging from local governments, school principals, volunteers, to RW level officials, Corona’s ferocity can be overcome. Because they are compact in carrying out health protocols and fostering citizens to remain disciplined in maintaining hygiene. Hopefully this way, Indonesia will soon be free of Corona.

)* The author is a citizen living in East Jakarta

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