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Netizen is an important pillar of preventing radicalism on social media


Warganet is an important pillar in preventing the spread of radicalism on social media. With the involvement of citizens in the fight against radicalism, it is hoped that a healthy and productive social media situation will be created.

Radicalism is an understanding that can also be said to reject the idea of ​​tolerance because it seems to think that oneself and one’s own group are the most correct. Therefore, this idea has the potential to create divisions that threaten the stability of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, all parties must be able to jointly fight against radicalism.

The Deputy Governor of the Riau Islands, Isdianto stated that the entire community must play an active role in fighting radicalism by being more sensitive and paying attention to the surrounding environment so that preventive efforts can be carried out immediately and can directly coordinate with the security forces.

Radical groups who deliberately want to divide the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia are real, as stated by Reni Yusneli as Chair of the Communications Forum for the Prevention of Terrorism (FKPT) that there are certain groups who want division, so he urges the public not to be careless and continue to strengthen their commitments. to protect the Homeland.

In addition, with the active role played by the whole community, of course, the motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika as initiated by the founding fathers of the nation will continue to be maintained and implemented as best as possible. Because it cannot be denied that this country consists of various backgrounds, groups, ethnicities, races and religions, all of which must be able to unite in the midst of differences.

Various kinds of ideas of radicalism are also in the era of technology and digital development as it is now in fact also very common in social media. Not even a little hoax news that also corners certain parties with framing that seems to justify the idea of ​​​​radicalism.

For this reason, the entire community, including those in cyberspace, who are widely referred to as netizens, must also play an active role so that the idea of ​​radicalism does not spread freely in the general public.

Several netizens’ actions on social media themselves have also been carried out, one of which is what the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) netizens have done. The action began when there were a lot of hoaxes and slander spread on social media, including various kinds of hate speech that carried a religious identity, making these NU netizens restless.

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