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Covid-19 or what we often hear also with another name corona virus began in Wuhan, China. The virus spreads through droplets of saliva that spurt out from people’s mouths due to coughing or sneezing, which then enters the bodies of people who are nearby through the mouth, nose and eyes. The virus then enters the respiratory pathways and mucous membranes in the back of the throat, attaches to a receptor in the cell, and begins to develop there.

The incredible speed of the spread of the corona virus caused at least 10,994 cases in DKI Jakarta, 52,821 in Indonesia and 9.76 million worldwide were infected with this virus with a total of approximately 493 thousand people died. This has caused total paralysis for almost the entire world because the vaccine has not yet been found. The Indonesian government itself carries out large-scale regional social restrictions and independent quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus so that there is no soaring death rate.

The entrepreneurs consider this PSBB caused a number of industries to die. The sectors most affected are tourism and public transport services. According to Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Employers’ Association Shinta Kamdani, it is predicted that the business sector outside those that are excluded in the rules of large-scale social restrictions will experience a deeper decline in performance so that it approaches dormant.

Policies that limit community activities are indeed not easy to implement. Even more so to the people whose livelihood is in the informal sector. Communities whose livelihoods are in the informal sector certainly feel confusion about how to meet the needs of daily life. Therefore, the government implements new normal, with the hope that the wheels of the economic cycle will run again and rid Indonesia of the crisis. If restrictions continue to be imposed, it is believed that Indonesia will not be destroyed by Covid – 19, but because of the prolonged economic crisis experienced by this country.

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