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By : Rashka Pratama

The government has appealed that the public be prepared for the new normal alias living “side by side” with COVID-19 while undergoing activities as usual. However, there are still limitations. Since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, almost everyone has experienced obstacles to living a normal life due to the restrictions that need to be done to prevent transmission of the Corona virus. However, with the completion of these restrictions, the government encourages us to start doing activities as usual, of course while complying with the COVID-19 prevention protocol. This encourages us to be more vigorous in applying basic COVID-19 preventive measures, such as washing hands with soap and running water or with a hand sanitizer, not touching the face with hands that have not been washed, applying physical distancing, and wearing a mask in every activity, especially in public place.

The application of new normal will make us more relaxed to leave the house. However, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, we must continue to implement basic preventive measures whenever and wherever we are. In addition, do not force yourself to leave the house when you are not fit. When the needs are completed, return to home immediately. Arriving at home, all must take a number of steps to maintain personal hygiene, such as spraying disinfectant, changing clothes, and bathing or at least washing hands with water and soap.

If you have to travel to a place and use public transportation, there are a number of things to consider besides implementing basic precautionary measures. To make it easier for you to maintain hand hygiene, always carry a hand sanitizer. Do not touch the face with hands that have not been cleaned. Also, make sure you bring a drinking bottle to stay hydrated during the trip. The most important thing to remember while on public transportation is to reduce interaction and keep a distance of at least 1 meter with other passengers. If this is not possible, you should not use public transportation.

In fact, the new normal is a new lifestyle that was initiated by the government so that the entire community can continue to pay attention to personal hygiene and the environment and can return to activities as usual. In this way, the government hopes that the people will not just stay at home and actively face the Covid – 19 pandemic. Therefore, let’s jointly implement the new normal so that our country’s economy can turn back and end the economic downturn that occurred in recent times.

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