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New Normal Policy Restores MSMEs


By: Alfisyah Kumalasari ) *

The new normal era which was opened by the government since after Eid, brought fresh air to the entrepreneurs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSMEs ) . They hope that with the permission of the community to move outside the house, the shops owned by MSMEs will be visited again by the buyers. It should be wise for new normal to restore the condition of SMEs so that they can progress and rise from adversity.

UMKM entrepreneurs are those who fell due to being hit by corona. Their shop is deserted by buyers. Many people prioritize grocery shopping over other needs. As a result they become bite fingers because their income dropped dramatically.

When the new normal era was opened by the government, the MSME entrepreneurs breathe with relief because the economy is running again. The financial capacity of the community rose again , so that the owners of MSMEs slowly found buyers. They hope that this situation gets better.

But the recovery of MSMEs also depends on their own readiness. One factor is capital. When the shop is quiet, it may even be consumed capital is consumed. Therefore, it would be nice to have a program to provide cash loans at low interest rates to SME owners. So they can run their business again.

The government actually has thought about the welfare of MSME business people . Evidenced by the existence of the Financial Services Authority Regulation number 11 / POJK 03/2020 concerning credit looseness at the Bank. Debtors (including MSME business people) receive several types of allowances, such as reducing interest rates, extending credit term , reducing loan principal arrears, adding financing facilities, and converting loans.

With this OJK regulation, MSME owners can breathe freely, because in the new normal era they can run their business without thinking about the large amount of cash flow in the Bank. The nominal that must be deposited becomes smaller because the interest is reduced, and the credit period can also be extended again. Moreover, this credit restructuring does not only apply to debtors in the Bank, but also in finance companies .

In addition to easing credit loans from MSME entrepreneurs, the government also encourages them to market their products in cyberspace. Digital marketing is considered more accurate because of its wider market reach. Not only in one city, but to the whole world.

In fact , 87% of MSME entrepreneurs have not yet ventured into e-commerce and rely on direct sales. This is very surprising because in the era of information technology, markets in cyberspace are very wide open. People tend to shop online because they are more practical, save time, and have more choices. Payment is also via bank transfer or digital wallet, thereby reducing the transmission of corona, the virus that can stick to banknotes.

The Minister of Cooperatives and UKM Teten Masduki explained that the government cooperates with platforms, training institutions, and cooperatives, because there are 64 million MSMEs in Indonesia. So the government cannot handle it alone. With this collaboration it is hoped that all MSMEs can advance in marketing. Because of the fact , marketing is the spearhead of a company.

MSME processed products are collected and established online platforms to sell them. So the rules of distance can still be obeyed while waiting for buyers in cyberspace. The government through the cooperative entrances and SMEs conduct online marketing training so that MSME entrepreneurs are increasingly technology literate.

In the new normal era MSME entrepreneurs are encouraged by the government to go digital and market their products with a wider range of more . If possible to the whole world. If the goods sold are more in demand, then they will rise from adversity due to the previous corona storm. The government also provides credit restructuring, so that MSME entrepreneurs get loan interest relief .

) * Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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