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Number of Covid-19 Patients Recovers Increases


By: Aditya Akbar) *

Good news amidst the discourse of the application of new normal . The number of positive Covid-19 Patients who were declared cured was 1,027 people on June 28, 2020. This of course becomes a new record after the previous cure rate is always below 1 . 000 people every day.

              The addition of Covid-19 patients who recovered continues to increase. As of June 28, 2020, a total of 22,936 patients had been recovered. This figure was contributed by the cure rate in Papua Province with the highest number of patients, namely 335 people.

              Epidemiologist Dewi Nur Aisyah said that the recovery rate of Covid-19 sufferers in Indonesia was increasing.

              Based on the results of an analysis of a number of cases, Covid-19 patients who have a high fatality to death usually due to comorbidities or comorbidities, such as kidney disease.

              Similarly, someone who has low immunity, for example due to HIV, lupus , and others.

              According to Dewi, the data on Covid-19 is very dynamic, different from other disease data such as hypertension or diabetes mellitus.

              The Task Force Expert Task Force Accelerating Team Member Covid-19 said, there were several diseases that only infect a person in a short period of time such as influenza and Covid-19 .

              At the beginning of the pandemic, the number of cases of patients with positive C orona continue ber t dd every day. However, hopes of taming the virus remain as more and more Covid-19 patients are recovered.             

              Spokesman for Task Force Acceleration Handling Covid-19 Mimika Reynold Ubra say, the cure rate was recorded at 54 per cent of the total positive cases Covid-19 in Mimika.

              Mimika itself contributes nearly half in Papua province with the highest number of Covid patients recovering with 181 patients.

              Reynold is optimistic that the cure rate continues to increase because the majority of Covid-19 positive patients have been dominated by asymptomatic categories in the past month.

              Other provinces that recorded high cure rates were DKI Jakarta with 225 people, then East Java with 101 people, South Kalimantan with 80 people and South Sulawesi with 60 people.

              In Surabaya for example. On 1-5 June 2020, the recovery rate of Covid-19 patients reached 519 patients.

              The good news according to Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini is inseparable from the 3T strategy, testing, tracing and therapy. And support for car PCR (polymerase chain reaction) which is a help from BNPB.

              According to Risma, the role of the car accelerates the examination of throat fluid samples of positive patients in Covid-19 .

              Risma hopes that the people of Surabaya who have recovered remain consistent in maintaining the condition and following health protocols, such as washing hands and wearing masks.

              In addition to 3T and PCR cars, one of the factors increasing the number of healings in Surabaya is the moral support of medical staff who are trying to keep Covid-19 patients happy.

              On the other hand, the City of Kediri, East Java has the opportunity to become the Green Zone of Corona Virus Spread or Covid-19 . This follows the increasing recovery rates of Covid-19 patients in Kediri City.

              As of June 27, 2020, the recovery rate in Kediri has reached 56 percent, said Dr. Fauzan Adima as the spokesperson for the acceleration task force handling Covid-19 .

              The Mayor of Kediri, Abdullah Abu Bakar has announced the addition of the healing of 11 Covid-19 patients in Kediri City. The patient had previously received treatment at Gambiran Hospital and Kilisuci Hospital, a Covid-19 specialty hospital .

              The increasing recovery rate of Covid-19 patients is certainly the hope of Kediri City to become a green zone.

              Meanwhile in Wonosobo Regency, Central Java, on June 29, 2020. Wonosobo District Health Office has recorded a fantastic recovery rate, where from a total of 83 positive cases of corona, 82 patients have been declared cured, 0 cases have died and 1 positive patient is still being treated.

              It should be noted that the Wonosobo district was previously declared as a red zone where one day Wonosobo could harvest PDP figures because of the large number of pilgrims returning from Gowa, South Sulawesi. However, with the increase in the recovery rate, now the Wonosobo Regency has begun to move towards the green zone.

              This cure rate is certainly a generator of optimism that Indonesia can pass the Covid-19 pandemic , this is supported by the increasing Covid-19 cure rate in various regions in Indonesia.

) * Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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