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Obedient Health Protocol for Resolve Cases Surge Covid-19


By: Putu Prawira ) *

The recent spike in corona cases has emerged from several new clusters. Even though the pandemic was not over yet, the community began to ignore health protocols, so clusters were formed. Start with yourself, new family and others, to comply with 3M protocols and campaigns.

Ahead of Eid, there were crowds at Tanah Abang Market and other markets, because people wanted to buy Eid clothes. This crowd is very worrying, because they seem to forget about the corona disease. Even though the pandemic is still hitting Indonesia and other countries in the world, they are ignoring health protocols for the sake of shopping desire.

The public must also know the fact that currently the number of corona patients is still more than 4,000 people per day. Don’t let this number increase because there are market clusters, just because you spend THR shopping and having fun. But then ended up in the hospital bed.

If anyone has any excuse that he is shopping wearing masks, then he forgets that health protocols are not only that. According to Peter Gulick, Professor of health from Michigan University, wearing a mask cannot prevent transmission of the corona if humans do not keep their distance. In a nutshell, avoiding crowds must be done to stay safe from the covid-19 virus.

Wearing a mask has not 100% protected from the dangers of the covid virus because it turns out that the function of a mask is to protect others, not protect yourself. So, it is better to keep your distance and avoid crowds even when wearing a mask, rather than risking coronavirus. Because according to WHO research, the covid-19 virus can be transmitted through dirty and stuffy air, such as those in crowds.

The second reason is that not all the materials people wear protect against droplets . Due to the fact, many masks sold on the market do not comply with WHO standards. For example a buff mask that cannot hold droplets effectively. WHO further recommends wearing cloth masks and disposable masks, which are more effective in blocking the rate of droplets .

Don’t be tempted by the price of a buff mask that is cheap but ineffective against corona. It’s better to buy dozens of disposable masks for stock at home, if you feel you don’t have enough time and energy to wash cloth masks. It is better to buy a lot of masks than to be lazy to wear them because you are stingy to buy them and then get corona.

The use of masks must also comply with standards and cover the nose, mouth and chin. Don’t even sag because it’s just a lie. Because there are still many who wear masks, it is just a formality, so they don’t get reprimanded by the authorities, but when things are quiet they can be loosened up towards the chest.

In addition, masks can be worn up to a maximum of 4 hours. Do not reuse disposable masks for reasons of saving, because if the masks are dirty, it will be ineffective in holding back the Covid-19 virus. Bring a spare mask in your bag and wear it when the first mask has been worn for 4 hours or after sneezing.

When changing masks, care must also be taken. Clean your hands with a hand sanitizer then take the mask from the bag. Previously, the mask had to be wrapped in clean plastic to keep it sterile. Then throw away the disposable mask but tear it off first. The goal is that there are no rogue scavengers who wash and sell them again.

All this protection is also accompanied by the recommendation to wash hands with antiseptic soap, because this method is more effective for maintaining hygiene, than using a hand sanitizer . Make a hand washing container in front of the house so that guests can wash their hands before entering the terrace.

Self-protection must be done by adhering to health protocols . Don’t be confused and shop around in the market and ignore the crowd. It is better to shop at an online shop than to be at risk of contracting corona in the midst of many people in the market.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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