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Observer Says New Normal are the Positive Opportunity to rise the Economic


Economic observer from the University of Indonesia (UI), Fithra Faisal Hastiadi said based on the perception index of the people of DKI Jakarta and Surabaya that the new norm phase or the new order of life is considered mediocre, but not ordinary. Therefore, cases of infection in this phase experienced quite high numbers compared to the previous phase.

In contrast to the business world such as industry and MSMEs this phase is actually heading in a positive direction but again the flat pandemic will be completed whether next August or September 2020.

Fithra said, from the economic side the impact of Covid-19 was different from the series of previous crises such as the economic crisis in 1998. Covid-19 affected the supply and demand sides.

“Covid-19 impacts not only in one sector, almost all sectors that have a domino effect not only in Indonesia but also in other countries,” Fithra said in an online discussion with the theme ‘New Norm Phase, Indonesia’s Economic Recovery Solution,’ in Jakarta, Tuesday, 21 July 2020.

Still according to Fithra in accordance with BPS data in May-June, inflation has risen which implies a lot of poverty and new unemployment. Where there are people who can be unemployed and those who cannot.

“For people who cannot unemployment they are forced to leave the house ignoring the risk of Covid-19, because it is not saving, so the risk of violating the health protocol is done,” he said.

In the same place, Unisma Bekasi academic Dani Irawan
Adding great hope to the new norm is that in addition to being able to implement strict health protocols, it is also capable of minimally caring for the surrounding environment.

So Dani said, the new order of life in which people cannot rely on the role of the government alone but the role of other communities so that the economic conditions of society return to normal. []

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