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Omnibus Law and Indonesian Welfare


Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning / Head of the National Land Agency, Sofyan Djalil, once talked about the concept of the omnibus law. This concept is also known as the omnibus bill which is often used in countries that adhere to the common law system such as the United States in making regulations. Regulation in this concept is to make a new law to amend several laws at once.

This statement arose because of overlapping regulations, particularly regarding investment. Sofyan gave an example, when there was a proposal to improve regulations in the forestry sector, what had to be revised was Law no. 41/1999 on Forestry. However, there are still obstacles in other regulations, such as Law no. 32/2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management (PPLH) or Law no. 5/1960 concerning Basic Agrarian Regulations.

If seen, the use of the omnibus law concept seems able to answer the problem of overlapping legislation in Indonesia. The problem is, can the concept of omnibus law be applied in Indonesia which adheres to a civil law system?

The answer to this is of course you can. Regulations can be applied or not in a country, one of which depends on the attitude of the citizens in it. Every regulation prepared by the government has one goal, namely the welfare of society which is expected to provide progress for the country. Therefore, if the people themselves do not consider the Omnibus Law as a rule that brings goodness, then it will truly materialize. Many people say that the Omnibus Law will reduce welfare and make it easier for foreign workers to enter Indonesia, whereas what happened is the opposite. Omnibus Law strives to ensure that workers are paid according to their performance, so that there is no longer the same treatment for workers who excel and those who don’t. It is the same with foreign workers, that foreign workers who are allowed to enter must have certain criteria needed by Indonesia so that foreign workers can not arbitrarily enter. With the good objectives contained in it, let us as good citizens strive to make the implementation of the Omnibus Law in Indonesia give optimal results. Believing in the Omnibus Law means believing that Indonesia can be more prosperous.

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