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Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja Support the Tourism Sector


The public is waiting for the omnbus law on the Job Creation Bill because it can cure all sectors of the corona effect. Especially the tourism sector. Because this bill opens the door wide open for foreign entrepreneurs to invest in Indonesia. They can inject investment and grow a hotel with modern facilities.

The Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill became controversial because it was considered a law that hit the old Law with one cut. However, many people later supported it because this bill contained clusters with favorable articles. Starting from the fields of economy, education, to tourism, all of these are considered by this bill.

Tourism is one of the sectors saved by the Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill because there are regulations that relax investment. So entrepreneurs from abroad can enter Indonesia and create mutually beneficial cooperation. The money will be used to improve hotels, beautify their facilities, or create a new travel business.

For several months the tourism sector has been hit by a corona storm. Hotels and villas were immediately deserted and recreation areas were temporarily closed. Especially in areas that sell tourism, such as Jogjakarta and Bali. Foreign tourists cannot enter because of their country’s travel warning. All of this is because the PSBB was held in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia.

After a period of adapting to new habits, tourist attractions are reopened but there are few enthusiasts, because they are still afraid of a surge in visitors and the absence of implementing health protocols. In addition, many people choose to store large amounts of basic necessities. The budget for traveling temporarily is eliminated due to savings.

So, the omnibus law can really be a savior for the tourism sector. Because during his vacuum for several months, his business almost lost. If you want to open a hotel or recreation area again, you need additional fees to clean and maintain it. Investments from foreign entrepreneurs are like water in the middle of a desert that saves them from bankruptcy.

Muhammad Baequni, a researcher from UGM stated that the omnibus law of the Job Creation Bill could save MSMEs, especially those engaged in tourism. In addition to getting funding from investors, there will be mentoring and teaching on modern management. The tourism sector will stretch and come back.

However, continued Baequni, it is hoped that the Job Creation Bill can straighten out the extent to which investment is allowed. Do not go too far and currently there are tourism spots whose assets are controlled by foreign entrepreneurs. Though this is not allowed. They can invest but are not allowed to take land arbitrarily and violate the law.

The Job Creation Bill also states that investors not only provide funds for capital, but are also required to transfer their knowledge. So tourism entrepreneurs will be smarter in managing their business on an international scale. They can know how to organize tourist attractions that are contemporary and in accordance with health standards.

Tourism entrepreneurs are expected to cooperate with foreign investors and learn how to manage a modern travel business. For example, hotel facilities are child-friendly and there are special toilets for the disabled and the elderly. In addition, villa entrepreneurs can also offer their rooms through international travel sites, so their business is getting more and more crowded.

The Omnibus Law on the Job Creation Bill must be immediately passed into law because it can change the face of tourism in Indonesia for the better, because it allows foreign entrepreneurs to invest. It is hoped that the disbursement of funds from investors can be used by entrepreneurs to restart their business. So he can work again and help the country earn foreign exchange.

By: Muhammad Zaki) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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