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By : Rashka Pratama

The government has issued policies that can improve the welfare of society. This is a mandate of the 1945 Constitution where Indonesian citizens are the responsibility of the government in managing their various needs, one of which is the need for administrative services. The realization of the vision for Advanced Indonesia is determined by the government and its people, as policy makers at the central and regional governments must be able to work in accordance with the needs of society as citizens. This need, for example, is for the government to simplify public service procedures, such as business licensing procedures for small communities. So far, the community feels that there are several local and central government policies that need to be improved considering that these policies are burdensome and only benefit certain groups. The stages of obtaining a permit from the government are considered too long and convoluted, there needs to be a simplification effort considering that the community’s efforts play a role in improving the country’s economy. Not to mention the population services that continue to receive the spotlight from various levels of society. The Jokowi-KH Ma’ruf Amin’s government is the hope of the people to realize a more advanced Indonesia, one of the concepts for Advanced Indonesia is simplification of regulations, by eliminating unnecessary points.

Omnibuslaw is prepared to strengthen the national economy. In this Omnibus Law, the government is involved in investing in it. The existence of the Omnibus Law is expected to be able to provide more protection to employees / laborers so that national welfare is achieved as well. Currently, the draft Omnibus Law Bill has arrived in the hands of the DPR for review.

President Joko Widodo’s speech after his inauguration to become President for the second time, stated that he would create a legal concept that aims to simplify various regulations, namely the Omnibus Law. The purpose of this concept is to simplify regulations which currently tend to be convoluted and lengthy. In the Work Creation Omnibus Law Bill, there are 11 clusters, one of which is the Employment cluster.

Omnibus Law was born with the hope of providing benefits to all parties, both the community (workers) and entrepreneurs (investors). The existence of the Omnibus Law is expected to attract many investors to invest their shares in Indonesia. It is hoped that this large number of stock investors will create new jobs for Indonesian citizens, especially Indonesia will soon face a demographic bonus.

The current economic problems in Indonesia are getting lower so that the government provides alternative solutions in the form of the Omnibus Law to make it easier, one of which is business licensing, MSME protection and so on as an effort to boost the national economy.

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