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Optimal Government Facing Cases of Acute Hepatitis


The government is optimal in anticipating the spread of acute hepatitis which is currently the concern of the world health agency (WHO). The public is also asked to adhere to health protocols to prevent transmission.

The pandemic is not over yet but there is already a new disease, namely acute hepatitis whose cause is unknown. This disease is different from hepatitis A or hepatitis B, and there have been more than 170 cases from 12 countries, so it is designated as an extraordinary event by the World Health Organization (WHO). The public must be more vigilant in dealing with it because the majority of the patients are children and the government is trying to optimally deal with it.

The characteristics of acute hepatitis are abdominal pain, jaundice, seizures, vomiting, and diarrhea. Spokesperson for Vaccination of the Ministry of Health, Doctor Siti Nadia Tarmizi stated that if children experience these symptoms, they must be rushed to the hospital immediately. In a sense, if it’s even a little late, the consequences will be fatal because it can threaten their lives.

Doctor Siti Nadia continued, to prevent transmission of acute hepatitis, it is necessary to adhere to health protocols. Do not exchange cutlery and avoid contact with patients. Food must also be served cooked and clean. In a sense, health protocols such as wearing masks and washing hands are not only effective against corona, but also other diseases such as hepatitis.

To overcome acute hepatitis, the government is conducting an investigation to find out the cause. The trick is to check the virus panel in full. After the investigation is complete, the cause will be known so that people can avoid it.

If the cause has been found, the government will socialize it so that more and more people understand and behave in a healthy life. Also remain obedient to health protocols even though the pandemic will be declared over. Then, further research will be carried out so that a vaccine is found so that it can prevent the expansion of this new type of hepatitis.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Doctor Mohammad Adib Khomaidi, SpOT asked all medical professional organizations under IDI, doctors and other health workers, to be aware of the symptoms of acute hepatitis. Both in pediatric and adult patients.

Extraordinary events must be watched out for, because if they are not handled carefully, they will result in mass deaths. Therefore, it is natural for Doctor Adib to ask doctors to be more responsive and care for acute hepatitis patients. Especially for pediatric patients.

Health workers are working hard to assist the government in dealing with this extraordinary event. The new type of hepatitis patients must be paid more attention because their physical condition is very weak. The doctors and nurses are trying hard so that they get well soon and finish their hospitalization quickly.

Hepatitis attacks the liver (liver) so it is natural for the patient to experience jaundice, because the internal organs are problematic. To prevent the onset of acute hepatitis, apart from being disciplined in health protocols and wearing masks, it is also mandatory to have a healthy lifestyle.

It is better to consume home-cooked food because it is more hygienic. Moreover, if you bring lunch, you will not exchange spoons with other people so you are safe from hepatitis attacks. The public is also advised to consume more mineral water, fruit and vegetables. Also exercise regularly, at least once a week.

Acute hepatitis which is an extraordinary event makes the government try to optimally handle it. How to socialize its characteristics and prevention. In addition, the public is also asked to obey health protocols and live a healthy lifestyle. Children are also accustomed to bringing supplies to reduce the risk of transmission of this new type of hepatitis. The public is also asked not to panic and always follow the government’s advice to prevent the transmission of the case.

Lisa Pamungkas, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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