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Pancasila State Guarantee Protects Religious Freedom


By: Aulia Hawa )*

Pancasila is a state guarantee to protect the religious freedom of the community. With the maximum practice of ideology, it is hoped that there will be no more intolerant actions.
Freedom of religion is an individual right that must be respected. However, in practice there are still many deviant conditions. There are so many incidents of intolerance that often occur. In fact, the culprit is sometimes the people closest to us. Needless to say, this seems to have become a common thing. In fact, inter-religious harmony in the form of tolerance is so needed.
In many cases, parties who feel self-righteous are arrogant and don’t want to recognize other religions, perhaps because of a lack of education. Or, it could be consumed by the wrong education. Yet this trivial problem can be fatal.
Reflecting on previous experience, this lack of tolerance has the potential to create chaos between religious communities. Until even trivial things sometimes explode and end badly. Yet this attitude of tolerance is so easy to cultivate and apply.

Especially if each of these individuals is able to position themselves like other people. Surely there will be a sense of self-awareness so that it is more respectful. However, as a whole Indonesia itself actually has a condition of tolerance that is considered sufficient.
Some time ago, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin stated that Pancasila could be used as a guarantee that the state protects people’s freedom to embrace and carry out their respective religious activities. He said that Pancasila would protect and accommodate the implementation of these religious activities. Ma’ruf Amin’s statement followed the inauguration of houses of worship for six religions. Namely, at the Pancasila University, Jakarta.

Ma’ruf reiterated that Pancasila is in line with the religious values ​​adopted by Indonesian citizens. This also reflects that religious plurality in Indonesia is a necessity, so it must be grateful for and maintained by all elements of society.
He also said that if diversity could be nurtured through knowledge and tolerance, it would be a tremendous asset, which is rare for other countries around the world to have.
In order to maintain diversity in the midst of Indonesia’s plurality, the Vice President stated that tolerance is the main key that must be carried out by all Indonesian citizens. In addition, efforts to uphold religious tolerance will be able to avoid divisions, such as radicalism and extremism.

He also explained that religious harmony in Indonesia has received recognition from other countries. This is because the values ​​of tolerance in various regions will be developed throughout the world. In line with this, the Hukama Al Muslimin Council, as an independent body of cross-border Muslim scholars. Have come to visit the Vice President, and expressed their desire to learn about tolerance between religious communities in the archipelago.
Of course this is a matter of pride. Therefore, he hopes that the whole community will be able to maintain tolerance between people. So that harmony in the archipelago can be maintained properly.
Belief in religion, of course, is the personal property of each person. Other parties, even those closest to them, cannot impose their will on their beliefs. In fact, the state itself has also set up to protect freedom in religious matters. The state also facilitates religious activities by permitting the construction of suitable houses of worship. In fact, some have been assisted by the government regarding their construction.

Truly, this tolerance is so beautiful for those who understand and are able to apply it. This tolerance can suppress potentially harmful actions. Including protecting each other, because they generally have a self-aware attitude. Although many are guided by the difficulty of implementing tolerance, the main key is early learning related to tolerance.
At an early age, humans will absorb teachings related to various things, to tolerance. Children since elementary school have also been taught this. So, why can it fade? Possibly an environmental factor. Therefore, the government constantly calls for creating a conducive environment and in line with this.
Moreover, the state through Pancasila confidently guarantees freedom of religion. Thus, it is hoped that in the future there will be no more intolerance. So that all Indonesian citizens are able to live in harmony in a better way. And most importantly, able to strengthen unity and integrity.

)*The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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