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Papuan Customary Council Appeals to Communities Not to be Proposed in Cases of Racism


By: Rebeca Marian) *

The racism case that caused Natalius Pigau to feel that he had subsided. The Papuan traditional council also asked the community not to get emotional, so that there would be no more wars on Earth of Cendrawasih.

Politician Ambroncius Nababan has shocked the public for having the heart to display an edited photo of Natalius Pigai, side by side with a gorilla. Although Ambroncius did it because he admitted he was annoyed, after Pigai refused to be vaccinated, his actions were certainly wrong. Because he was shown to be publicly harassing and insulting Pigai.

This case can spread everywhere because it involves the issue of SARA. Moreover, Ambroncius Nababan and Natalius Pigai are different tribes. So if this case continues to be blow- ups , can be dangerous and cause wars. Indonesians are very sensitive to the issue of SARA, so this case must be resolved immediately .

Secretary II of the Papuan Customary Council, John Gobay , asked the people of Cendrawasih Earth not to be provoked by Ambroncius’ actions . He believes the police can solve this case completely. He made this point when he was at the Papua Special Criminal Investigation Directorate . Gobay represents Pigai to report Ambroncius’ actions .

The actions of the adat council were very appropriate, because the contents of the SARA were very dangerous, especially in Papua, which incidentally was chaotic due to war between tribes. When the customary council announces atmosphere a, civilians restrain themselves and do not take action that is volatile. They follow instructions to stay cool and not get provoked.

Even though he apologized to Pigai and the whole Papuan people, Ambroncius was still at fault. The police are trying to solve this case, because it is not just an ordinary problem. But it is a case concerning the issue of racial and cyber bullying . Moreover, both Ambroncius and Nababan were public figures, so they had considerable influence in public.

Meanwhile , Kenan Sipayung, Chairman of the Batak Community Harmony in Papua Province, strongly criticized Ambroncius’ actions . According to him, the hate speech made by Ambroncius Nababan was a personal act, and did not represent the Batak tribe as a whole. Ambronci us was proven to have damaged the image of the Batak people in Indonesia.

As a result of Ambroncius Nababan’s actions , the good name of the Batak tribe has been tarnished. Though they are good people, but like indigo, a speck of broken milk, Ambroncius messes it up. Don’t let the Batak people become synonymous with negative things, because they are Indonesian citizens who obey the rules, and there are only a few people like Ambroncius who have errors .

Kenan Sipayung continue, he wants police to solve this case and menangka p Ambroncius immediately. This racism case was proven to have violated the applicable law . Indeed, the authorities moved quickly and arrested Ambroncius , but unfortunately he still refused to sign his arrest warrant. Because I feel that what is done is just satire .

Although he refused to sign, Ambroncius could still be brought to justice . Even though the available evidence is only a screenshot of Pigai’s edited photos, it is enough to send him to court. He couldn’t escape anymore, because so many netizens had seen the photo.

This case of racism must be investigated thoroughly, because it involves 2 different tribes. Do not let the inter-ethnic harmony in Indonesia be damaged by acts of a person like Ambroncius . If Piga refuses to be vaccinated , then let the Task Force Team handle it. He doesn’t have to spoil the atmosphere by bullying .

The racism case involving two different ethnic figures is very confusing. Each party tried to cool the atmosphere, so that there was no war in the future. SARA issues are very sensitive and should not be echoed again. Because every good Indonesian citizen respects each other.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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