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Papuan People Reject KST


The Papuan people reject the existence of the Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST) which always create riots. It is hoped that the TNI/Polri will not hesitate to take firm action against these gangs so that the peace of Papua is maintained.

Recently there have been claims from KST that they are supported by the Papuan people. However, Reverend Jupinus Wama immediately countered this. According to Pastor Jupinus, it is a big mistake if KST is loved by the people. In fact, they have actually carried out acts of terror, not only against civilians but also against the security forces. Even KST has the heart to rape Papuan girls. Really inhumane.

The Papuan people really don’t like KST at all and their claims are just hoaxes. No one wants their life to be filled with threats from KST when carrying out terror, not just carrying firearms. But they also expelled the population because the people did not want to support KST and raised the Morning Star flag.

Moreover, KST not only threatens the safety of citizens, but also commits murder on purpose. There have been many victims from civilians, ranging from students, teachers, to health workers who have become victims of the KST atrocities. They lost their lives because of the KST attack even though their existence is very much needed by the community. Moreover, those who were attacked were also innocent children, and even had their fingers cut off.

The KST attack shows that they do not like progress in Papua. The proof is that teachers and health workers were killed, even though the people really needed their energy. KST also attacked workers on the Trans Papua Road project. This is also proof that this separatist group is anti-progress, even though Papua really needs modernity so that its people live prosperously.

KST never got the sympathy of the public because they insisted on raising the Morning Star flag on OPM’s birthday, December 1st. The people don’t want to do it because they are loyal to Indonesia and the flag is only red and white, there are no other types.

Meanwhile, the Papuan people also do not want to associate with KST because what they are attacking are not only immigrants, but also indigenous Papuans. How they have the heart to kill their own tribesmen and KST always accuses that those killed are spies from the authorities. After all, they are just ordinary civilians.

The Papuan people do not want to support KST because they have a high sense of nationalism. Papua is part of Indonesia, since the old order era. There is no such thing as independence because it is better to be part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Moreover, during the administration of President Jokowi, Papua was given a lot of attention, so that people loved Indonesia even more.

If there are KST members, the community will immediately contact the security forces to make arrests. They did not want to accommodate KST members for fear of causing trouble and breaking the law. Moreover, Papuans are also anti-KST because they are traitors to the nation and shame on the people of Cendrawasih Earth, for tarnishing the image of the Papuan people.

The community is very anti-KST because the separatist group is always detrimental. KST has never been supported by Papuan civilians. On the other hand, the people are anti-KST because they have committed various crimes. Therefore, law enforcement officers are asked not to hesitate in enforcing the law to KST so that security stability can be maintained.

Moses Waker, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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