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Papuan People Support PON XX


By: Robert Krei) *
The 20th National Sports Week (PON) will be held in 2021, in Papua. The people of Cendrawasih Earth are very proud to have been given the opportunity to host the biggest sports competition in Indonesia. They support XX PON to succeed.
Sports is one way to unite the Indonesian people, because so far they like to watch football matches and various other competitions. One of the events awaited by all Indonesian citizens is the national sports week (PON) which will be held in October 2021 in Papua and West Papua.
The whole Papuan people are very supportive of the national sports week, because they are proud to be able to host an event of a national caliber. In this grand event, not only residents of Cendrawasih Earth watched it, but also all Indonesian citizens. Even netizens around the world can watch the matches via streaming.
Kenius Kogoya, Secretary of the Papua Province KONI hopes that all Papuan people are always optimistic and support the implementation of PON XX. According to him, this opportunity should be used. Because hosting PON will not be obtained in 100 years. In a sense, this is a rare opportunity, so it must be put to the best of it.
The Papuan people expressed their support for PON XX by having fun on social media. They created the hashtag #ponpapua and reported all the supporting facilities for the sporting event. So that netizens around the world will know that the Papuan regional government is very serious in preparing it.
Development in Bumi Cendrawasih is intensified in preparation for the XX PON. There are many sports facilities built for the success of this event. Among them, the Lukas Enembe Stadium (formerly known as the Papua Bangkit Stadium), the aquatic arena, the Dominggus Mandacan Circuit, Softball and Baseball Fields, and so on.
The sports arena will benefit all Papuans. They can feel the euphoria of sports matches at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, which is the biggest surge in Eastern Indonesia and of international standard. If there is no football match, it will be used as a physical training ground and the community will be healthier.
When the eyes of all netizens turn to the Cendrawasih Earth, it will become free advertising. The XX PON shows that Papua is a beautiful place, making it an attractive tourist destination. The community always supports the smooth running of PON, because it can enliven Papua and increase local government income.
Kenius Kogoya added that PON is an added value in equalizing development on the Earth of Cendrawasih. Because in addition to the construction of sports facilities, there is also a new flat tower building, to make this event a success. The plan is that the flat will be used as a place to live for athletes during PON, because the places for athletes are limited.
Later, when the PON is finished, the flat tower will be used as a residence for civil servants, members of the TNI / Polri, students and other civilians. So that the flat tower will be a comfortable place to live for the people of Papua. Therefore they always support PON, because they feel this event is very useful.
The people of Cendawasih Earth are happy because PON XX is being held in Papua. They are honored to host, and will host athletes and officials from other provinces. Civilians will participate in promoting the preparation for PON XX so that netizens around the world will know that in Eastern Indonesia, such as Papua, there are already qualified sports facilities.
Papuan civilians work hard to make and support PON XX. Apart from promoting PON via the internet, they also maintain solidarity in welcoming guests. So that you will feel comfortable when competing. The implementation of PON must be successful, because the Papuan people are very proud.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Solo

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