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Papuan Students Support the Sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia


By: Josua Napitu) *

Papua is an inseparable part of Indonesia. Papuan students as an important element of development also support the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua.
Papua is one of the areas that has received great attention from the Government. Deputy for Communications and Information at the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) said that Wawan Hari Purwanto as Deputy for Communication and Information at the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) predicts that the chances of Papuan youths becoming future leaders of Indonesia are enormous.
He also refers to names like Barack Obama, an African-American who has served as President of America. So it is not impossible, someday Papuan children can become President.
Wawan said that development in Papua needs to be accelerated and carried out holistically towards social justice in the land of Papua. This effort was made in order to realize sovereignty for the Republic of Indonesia.
The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, had previously emphasized that the sovereignty of the unitary republic of Indonesia is a fixed price that cannot be negotiated. The President has also ordered all ranks of the Ministry of Defense, TNI and Polri to work seriously in maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and stand at the forefront of strengthening the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.
In maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, of course the role of students cannot be ruled out, because they are the ones who will be in control of this nation in the next 20 years.
Students are the potential for the country in the progress of the nation. The role of students is very important in filling development and maintaining national independence. Student is a call for people who are undergoing higher education at a university or college.
As the nation’s next generation, students certainly have an obligation to protect the country well. The situation in the globalization era which is increasingly growing and developing, demands an active role of students in facing changes in all aspects, to become innovators of change for the better. Students must be good at using the opportunities and opportunities given.
Papuan students must also know that there are still armed Papuan separatist groups in the Central Mountains such as one example of the incident in Nduga, the taking of residents in Timika, the death of TNI members, gunfire and the various existence of young groups on social media.
The growing issue of racism and demonstrations in various regions to the flying of the Morning Star flag has made many people ask how the state is sovereign in Papua.
On different occasions, Korem 172 / PWY held a one-day seminar with the theme Be Creative Young Generation Determining the Nation’s Future.
It was recorded that dozens of students from 16 universities in Jayapura attended the seminar which featured Danrem 172 / PWY speakers Brigadier General Izak Pangemanan and Youth Chair of the Papua Customary Council, Yan Christian Arebo.
At the seminar, Danrem stated that this seminar activity aims to increase and foster a sense of love for the country and to realize the important role of the younger generation (students) in development and to better understand the nation’s ideology, namely Pancasila.
He said that his party wanted to provide an understanding of what the Republic of Indonesia was and also conveyed about how the Papua conflict, which until now is still being pursued, is being resolved.
It is hoped that the presence of these students can be one of the elements that will help all efforts to resolve conflicts in Papua.
The sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua must be developed in the international world. The large number of oblique reports about Indonesia against indigenous Papuans and the circulation of hoaxes and hate speeches to the apparatus of both the TNI and Polri have not been matched by a positive narrative on the government’s performance in dealing with Papua.
On different occasions, Kapolda Papua, Inspector General Pol. Paulus Waterpauw has asked the Students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura to be able to maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
Paulus reminded all students to be able to follow developments and situations due to conflicts between countries and big countries to slaughter each other and not to be influenced by hoax news that develops.
Students must also understand that Papuan sovereignty as part of the Republic of Indonesia has been going on for a long time, this is evidenced by the opening sentence of Bung Karno’s speech where almost every Ir Soekarno’s speech broadcast through RRI, sentences from Sabang to Merauke are very often echoed as proof of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.
It is important for students from Papua to understand the importance of unity and safeguarding the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. Moreover, the government has provided its support with the existence of special autonomy which allows Papuans to continue their studies to university.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Solo

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