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Papuan XX PON spectators must have been vaccinated


By: Rebeca Marian)*
The government gave a signal that the XX National Sports Week (PON) could be watched live. However, spectators who can watch the match must have been vaccinated to avoid the emergence of new clusters.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Joko Widodo, gave permission for the XX PON event in Papua to be held in the presence of spectators. The decision was conveyed by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno.

Sandiaga said the government was still working on the regulation on audience capacity. He emphasized that the audience who attended would be invited by the government. In addition, Sandiaga mentioned the government’s efforts to boost the creative economy in the national level sports event. The committee plans to provide noken, a traditional Papuan bag, as XX PON merchandise.

Sandiaga hopes that the performance can improve the economy of Papuans, either through merchandise sales or otherwise. Previously, the General Chairperson of the Central Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), Marciano Norman, emphasized that there would be no postponement of this year’s PON. Regarding security issues, Marciano emphasized that the Papuan Police and Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih ensured that the national sports multi-event could run safely and comfortably. Security personnel were prepared at four points in the PON area, namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika Regency and Merauke Regency.

Meanwhile, the central government has targeted that vaccinations in the four regions of the organizers of the 2021 Papua National Sports Week (PON) will be completed before the four-year multi-event event officially begins on October 2. The statement was made by the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali while reviewing the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination ahead of the XX PON with the TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto and the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo in Jayapura.

On the occasion of a press release, Zainudin said that he and the TNI Commander and the National Police Chief came to Papua to see vaccinations for the community, and as directed by President Joko Widodo, prior to the implementation of XX Papua PON, it is hoped that all people must have received vaccinations. So for those who want to see PON XX Papua, there is no other choice but to take vaccinations.

Meanwhile, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said that his visit with the Menpora and the National Police Chief to Papua was an effort to make the vaccination program a success. Hadi is optimistic that the Covid-19 vaccination coverage can be carried out according to the target of reaching 70% before the PON event takes place on October 2-15.

According to Hadi, the vaccination coverage in Jayapura for the first dose is now close to 47 percent, while the second dose is above 20 percent. He said that currently we are also in an effort to accelerate vaccination so that by the end of September we all have received vaccinations, either dose one or dose two.

Based on data from the Papua Provincial Health Office as of 27 August 2021, the vaccination coverage in Jayapura City for the first dose reached 47.9 percent and the second dose 30.1 percent. In Jayapura Regency, the coverage of the first dose of vaccination was 44.7 percent and 28 percent for the second dose. In Mimika, the coverage of the first dose of vaccination reached 44.8 percent and the second dose of 30.2 percent. In Merauke, the first dose was 50.1 percent, the second dose was 32.2 percent.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 vaccination target in Jayapura City is 231,863 people, Jayapura Regency 87,226 people. Mimika Regency 172,185 people and Merauke Regency as many as 124,856 people. General Listyo Sigit Prabowo as the National Police Chief, admitted that he was happy because the vaccination process was running smoothly. Moreover, the enthusiasm of the people who participated in the vaccination was also considered to be getting better day by day.

Listyo also said that the community should invite their families to participate in vaccinations. Because it is useful and can increase immunity against Covid-19. Moreover, Papua will soon carry out the XX PON. With the vaccine, of course we can prevent viral infections because the body already has immunity.

The presence of the audience will of course make the PON multi-event event more lively, the athletes will also be more enthusiastic to give their best performance to get medals.

The existence of PON is also a matter of pride for Papua, where the event is proof that Papua can hold a prestigious grand event. Moreover, it is supported by the construction of international standard sports facilities.

Vaccination in Papua must continue to be pursued, so that herd immunity can be achieved before the implementation of PON XX Papua can be held, and of course the event can be attended by supporters who support the athletes involved.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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