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People are urged to continue to be disciplined in the health process after Covid-19 Vaccination


By: Deka Prawira) *

Calls for adhering to health prokes or protocols. Even though he has injected the Sinovac vaccine. This is suspected to be able to provide double protection for our bodies.

Sinovac vaccine capability from the Bamboo Curtain country. What is still being refined by cooperating with PT Bio Farma has been released. The long and winding wait seems to have paid off. The legality up to the stage 3 clinical trial has been completely exceeded.

Even with trials of injecting those who support the following vaccination programs. Do not deny that since COVID-19 struck, despair seems to be an eternal friend.

Nevertheless, various efforts to reduce the spread of the virus continue. Assistance from a moral and material perspective was also provided. Almost all sectors get this assistance.

In the education sector, it is mandatory to study online, aka online. In the field of health, the addition of medical devices to medical personnel is the front line. Economic sector, small and medium enterprises to large. Everything from formal to non-formal jobs was touched.

Continued sadness makes residents feel pessimistic. Will this outbreak or pandemic be stopped soon. The reason is, the economic order is also like suspended animation. Makes mobility chaotic, and leaves hope without being able to be realized.

However, the government did not give up. All kinds of ways are tried. Including presenting the Sinovac vaccine, which is predicted to help overcome COVID-19. Vaccines that have passed tests in several countries such as Chile, Turkey to Brazil. This triggers an increase in self-confidence.

The belief that there will be a rainbow after the storm, is just in sight. Despite experiencing sneers here and there, as well as various accusations. In fact, vaccines are still able to show their existence. Vaccines are able to present a number of solutions.

Among them is reducing pain earlier and faster. Including reducing the death rate due to the Corona virus. Sinovac has a way of working to form antibodies in the human body. It was stated that Sinovac was able to kill the virus, even though the protein wrapping was still there.

However, so far the virus wrapping protein will actually be triggered to form even stronger immunity. So that even if you are attacked by the COVID-19 virus again, it will not be able to live in that person’s body.

As reported by a number of news channels, even though someone has been officially injected with Sinovac. This does not mean you can be careless and ignore health prokes or protocols. After going through two injections, 2 weeks apart. The new vaccine will form antibodies to protect itself.

Indeed, it is said that after vaccination a person does not need independent isolation. However, it is still mandatory to comply with the applicable prokes. Starting from wearing masks, washing hands with soap, healthy lifestyles to others.

Although it was reported that it had decreased. However, with various conditions that were considered not conducive, COVID-19 exploded like a time bomb. Which then brings up a fantastic number. On deeper examination, the cause of this increasing number of spread is the indiscipline of health processes.

Moreover, the use of masks seems to be something that is often underestimated. Of course, these masks cannot explicitly protect. However, it is able to prevent and thus keep others from us. Given, we ourselves can also potentially infect, now!

Instead of following recommendations that pass by on social media and their juntrungan is unclear. Isn’t it better to follow the application of government regulations. What is clear and tangible to reduce the expansion rate of COVID-19.

Health protocols have actually been promoted when COVID-19 strikes. However, until now it continues to experience developments. Until finally the vaccination program with Sinovac was successfully released. Vaccination announcements were made simultaneously.

Precisely, the starting date is January 13, 2021. Even President Joko Widodo has also taken part in being vaccinated. He also appealed to all elements of society without exception to support this program.

He also hopes that the community will be able to see it from a more positive perspective. So that the vaccination program is in order to protect all Indonesian citizens from the threat of COVID-19. Given, this union will certainly lead to good things in the future.

What needs to be underlined is, even though vaccinations have been carried out. This health protocol must continue to be adhered to. In fact, in order to promote this program, the police routinely hold operations. This is also aimed at the community to be more aware of their health.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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