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People Must Be Proactive In Countering Covid-19


By: Faldiaz Anggayana)*
To overcome the impact of the pandemic, the people must work together with the government, so that no one else is affected by the corona. If all members of the public are willing to obey health protocols and act proactively, the virus will retreat regularly and will not attack them. Immune and environmental hygiene must also be maintained.
The high spread of Covid-19 is marked by a significant increase in new cases of Covid-19. This situation makes people even more horrified for fear of becoming the next patient. Moreover, the Covid-19 virus has mutated, so the attack is faster and spreads to all organs of the body.
The government is not tired of always socializing the 5M health protocol to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. The reason is because there are still stubbornness or even underestimate the corona. In addition, people must be proactive to prevent the transmission of the corona virus, so that they are not exposed to a dangerous virus.
Why be proactive? Because so far many are passive when they show symptoms of corona, such as severe dizziness, shortness of breath, body weakness, and loss of sense of smell. Even though there are many hospitals and clinics, they are afraid of contracting the corona virus. It’s sad because as a civilian and not a doctor, he actually sentenced himself and said it was just a common cold.
In fact, if they are not helped quickly, many people will come into contact with them, if they are not self-isolated. Imagine if everyone who came into contact was also infected, what would their fate be? Corona transmission will be more widespread and the tracking process will be more difficult because they are also in contact with many people.
The community must be proactive by checking themselves regularly at the hospital, at least for a rapid test if they are unable to pay for the cost of a swab test. This test is mandatory and carried out not only when traveling, but as a preventive measure so that the Covid-19 virus does not spread further.
In addition, they must adhere to the 5M health protocols: wash hands, wear masks, maintain distance, reduce mobility, and avoid crowds. The public can also act proactively by buying 2 boxes of disposable masks and then carrying some of them in plastic and put in a bag. Outside the home, the masks can be distributed to those who are not wearing them.
The distribution of masks can be done by civilians, they do not have to wait for a share from the government. Because we want to be free from corona soon, right? According to doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro, the effectiveness of wearing masks only occurs when there are at least 75% of people wearing them. Therefore, we can help create them with various masks.
The public can also act proactively by calling the Covid task force team when they find a violation in the form of a deliberately created crowd. Later the task force team and the apparatus will come and immediately disperse the crowd. This step needs to be implemented so that it becomes an example that the task force team is more disciplined in supervising community activities that invite crowds.
All these proactive efforts are for everyone, not just yourself. The Covid-19 virus has proven to be easy to spread in crowds, especially if many are not wearing masks. Proactive efforts for prevention as well as helping the government in the fight against corona. Isn’t prevention better than cure?
The public is obliged to take proactive actions such as regularly checking and testing rapid, disposable masks, and calling the Covid task force team if there is a crowd. All these efforts are to prevent the corona from spreading further.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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