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People Must Keep Obeying Health Protocols


By: Kenia Ayu)*

The public is asked to always obey the health protocol even though the Corona case continues to slop. By remaining obedient to Prokes, it is hoped that Indonesia can avoid the third wave of Covid-19.

We are all relieved because recently the Covid-19 pandemic situation is more under control. Unlike 2 months ago, currently the number of Covid patients is less than 5% of the initial number, and the death rate due to Corona has also decreased dramatically. Coupled with the news that there are no regions in Indonesia that are included in the PPKM level 4 or red zone. So that we have hope to end the pandemic period sooner than expected.

Spokesman for the COVID-19 task force team, Doctor Wiku Adisasmita, stated that the positivity rate in Indonesia was only 2.48%. This is the lowest figure since the start of the pandemic. In a sense, Corona has started to be under control, unlike 2 months ago which became the peak of the Covid-19 virus wave and the number of patients reached 50,000 people per day.

Doctor Wiku continued, since September 20, 2021, the number of Corona patients is ‘only’ 1,000 people per day. This is a great achievement because the number of patients has really been pushed to a low point, and hopefully next month the number will be in the hundreds. Hopefully this achievement can be maintained, even increased, and Corona patients become 0 per day aka there is no transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

But don’t let your guard down in the midst of a situation that at first glance looks safe, even though it’s still a pandemic. Indeed, the number of Corona patients has decreased dramatically but don’t escape the discipline of implementing health protocols. We don’t want to be the next patient, do we? Especially if you have not been vaccinated, the risk is still very high.

Health protocols must still be adhered to so that all are safe from the danger of Corona. Don’t just process 3M, but up to 10M, because there is a new revision. So the points are not just washing your hands/using hand sanitizer, wearing a mask, and keeping your distance. However, there are 7 other points that must be adhered to.

This safe situation should not make us complacent and must obey the whole process. Mainly avoiding crowds and keeping a distance, because both are still being violated by some people. Even though there is a maximum rule for guests at a wedding (35 people only) but there are those who secretly put up a t-shirt and then invite up to thousands of guests. Surprisingly, aren’t you afraid of getting Corona?

The process still has to be adhered to because it is still a pandemic period. Don’t for reasons of prestige and want to show your ability to organize a large party, instead end up in a cold and heartbreaking hospital bed. There have been many examples of cluster marriages and unfortunately some have not learned from these events. It should have been prevented from the start but some were desperate.

In addition, another process that must be adhered to is limiting mobility. When there is an easing of PPKM, then use it well, in the sense of working. But unfortunately, people are even soluble in euphoria and busy vacationing, to the beach, to Puncak, and to other tourist attractions. Even though we know for ourselves that high citizen mobility will automatically increase the transmission of Corona.

Prokes must be obeyed and don’t let your guard down in the slightest, because currently there is a Mu variant of Corona, which is claimed to be more vicious than the Delta variant and the others. Although it has not been reported to have entered Indonesia, there is nothing wrong with being more vigilant. Keep wearing a mask and follow the other prokes points.

We all don’t want to catch Corona and lose our lives. Therefore, obey the prokes and don’t be lazy to wear a mask. Discipline is the key in dealing with the transmission of Corona in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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