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Political Observer: Government to Hold Fair Elections for Dignified Democracy


The government will officially hold elections in 2024. This ends the previously busy debate regarding the discourse of the 3rd term President.

Political observer at Al Azhar University Indonesia (UAI) Ujang Komaruddin is optimistic that the government’s statement has closed the discourse on the 3rd term president. In fact, the confirmation of the implementation of the 2024 General Election explains that President Joko Widodo will hold elections in an honest and fair manner. This election is to maintain a dignified democracy.

“I believe in the seriousness of the government and the House of Representatives (DPR). The people also don’t want the election to be postponed,” said Ujang in the Trijaya Hot Topic Evening program with the theme “Guarding Democracy through Quality Elections, Friday (20/5/2022).

According to Ujang, the government’s seriousness in holding the 2024 General Election can be seen from the inauguration of members of the KPU, Bawaslu, and intense communication with the DPR. In addition, the government has decided on the KPU’s budget. The policy is a follow-up to the President’s decision.

“I think what the president said must be followed up. For example, where is the seriousness of the budget taken from? Then the seriousness of the infrastructure, the tasks of the government, police, KPU and Bawaslu are like,” he said.

According to Ujang, the government’s seriousness at the time was part of the President’s legacy. If the election is not good, such as fraud and lack of integrity, it will tarnish the President. The reason is that the President is considered to have allowed the election to fall apart. For this reason, it is hoped that quality elections with dignity will produce extraordinary leaders.

He added that quality elections require the synergy of the government and all parties, including the people, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academics, and the media.

“If we synergize together, we want to hold or carry out elections according to schedule, of course we will be able to do that,” he said.

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