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PON XX Papua Momentum Raise The Creative Industries


By: Timothy Gobay )*

PON XX becomes a very important event because it can move the wheels of the economy in Papua. In addition, this national sports competition can also awaken the creative industry, so it is hoped that it will get the support of the entire community.

For the first time, the XX National Sports Week is being held in Papua, in October 2021. This competition is very important because it is held in the midst of a pandemic, because it can trigger an economy that is almost shaky because of the corona. If there is a performance on Earth of Cendrawasih, then local athletes and tourists will automatically buy souvenirs and objects from other creative industries.

PB PON stated that they provide a place for creative industries, not only mining. In a sense, PON XX can increase the economic value for creative industry products, one of which is souvenirs. Assistant Director of Bank Indonesia Papua Representative Dwi Putra Indrawan stated that the XX PON event awakened Papua’s economic potential, including agriculture, fisheries, tourism, and the creative economy.

To purchase PON XX souvenirs, it can be done on the official PON XX website. There are various souvenirs available, namely T-shirts, bags and shoes. In a sense, all Indonesian citizens can order souvenirs there without having to buy all the way to Papua. Moreover, the audience for this event is allowed to be limited, and those who only watch on TV can buy souvenirs online.

Purchasing via online is indeed a solution. First, to broaden the scope of buyers, so that those who get souvenirs are not only residents of Papua and West Papua, but also throughout Indonesia. So that souvenir sales are expected to increase and increase the finances of souvenir producers and marketers.

For the manufacture of souvenirs, PB PON cooperates with 12 local producers and 12 artisans from Indonesia. T-shirts and shoes are not just ordinary, but are designed in an attractive way, so that if you see them people will understand about PON XX Papua. The reason is because souvenirs can also be used as a promotional event for this national sports event.

One of the souvenirs purchased at PON XX Papua is the production of Exodos and Dominate. They raised local Papuan wisdom with Melle Taba cloth-accented souvenirs, and this was very good. The reason is because the PON is held in Papua, so it is better for the souvenir to also bring up Papuan culture.

Creative industries can rise because if there are souvenirs purchased, they continue to produce them, and if the PON is finished, people may repeat orders because they know that the quality is good. So that their business will progress because they already have subscriptions, and improve their financial health.

The revival of the creative industry is very important because during the pandemic, this sector was very hard hit, because it included MSMEs. When there is an order from PB PON, the producers will be happy because their business will be safe from the threat of going out of business. They can survive and make t-shirts and other items, and continue their business. So that the MSME sector will be helped.

The MSME sector must be helped because they are the backbone of the Indonesian economy. So that if MSMEs progress, the state’s financial situation will automatically improve. The creative industry should not be allowed to die just like that, because the businessmen, who are mostly young people, must be motivated and given orders, so that they can continue their business.

Creative industries in Indonesia, especially Papua, can rise thanks to the existence of PON XX. MSME businessmen who become souvenir producers can produce t-shirts, shoes, and other goods, to be sold to the audience of this event. The sale of souvenirs via online also facilitates delivery and increases sales on a national scale.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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