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PON XX Shows the Existence of Papua as an Integral Part of the Republic of Indonesia


By: Alfred Jigibalom )*

The XX National Sports Week (PON) is an event to show the beauty of Papua, as well as to show its existence as an integral part of Indonesia. The appointment of Papua as the host of the XX PON is an honor as well as a sign that Earth of Cendrawasih is the official territory of Indonesia.

Papua is a region of Indonesia that is famous for its natural exoticism. But unfortunately, among international netizens, there are those who know Papua because of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) rebellion to various negative sides. Even though there are still far more positive sides in the Earth of Cendrawasih area that can be explored and show a positive image throughout the world.

PON XX which will be held in Papua will bring back his good name in the international world. Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Dr. Moeldoko stated that PON would be a strategic issue to raise the name of Papua in the world, especially in Asia Pacific. Through this 4-yearly event, Papua can show its existence without any problems, especially political and security disturbances.

Moeldoko continued, the management of PON XX must be prepared carefully, giving a good impression in terms of politics, security, welfare, and economy. The reason is because it also invites countries in the Asia Pacific region. Do not ignore security, and must have zero tolerance. Therefore, there must be coordination between officials and produce good SOPs.

Security issues are indeed very intense, because in less than 2 months the XX PON will be held. The safety factor of athletes and officials is prioritized, and do not let them be disturbed by separatist and terrorist groups (KST). Both in the PON arena and at the athlete’s house.
KST deliberately planned various disturbances to destroy PON XX, because they felt this event was less important. For them, the Indonesian government is an occupier, so every event that is held must be crushed. They also hope that if terror succeeds, it will gain international sympathy.

We certainly don’t want this bad possibility to happen, therefore the security is getting tighter. Both in the PON arena, athletes’ homestay, as well as in vulnerable areas such as in Puncak Regency. Anticipation must be done for this event to be 100% successful.

Meanwhile, after tightening the safety factor, the PON will be ensured to run without a hitch. When there is a live stream that is watched by netizens around the world, they can see that Papua is part of Indonesia, and there is no term ‘stepchild’. The issue that the Papua region is only marginalized is completely wrong, because development there has also progressed.

International netizens will be shocked when they see how modern life is on Earth of Cendrawasih, and now there are modern facilities such as the Trans Papua Road, Youtefa Bridge, etc. Papua has developed and is no longer synonymous with an area that only contains wilderness.

When the modernity of Papua is shown, the international community is aware that the Earth of Cendrawasih is an integral part of Indonesia, because the government creates social justice throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. It is a big mistake if there are people who want to liberate Papua, on the grounds that they are not noticed by the government.
In addition, the committee ensures that the implementation of PON XX runs smoothly. If this competition is successful, it will not only bring the name of Papua, but also bring the name of Indonesia to the eyes of the world. The reason is because Indonesia has succeeded in organizing a national-level event in the midst of a pandemic.

PON XX is a big event that is eagerly awaited, not only for Indonesian netizens but also internationally. They will see how beautiful nature is on Cendrawasih Earth and it is very safe there, so they no longer believe in KST’s chatter. They also believe that the Indonesian government has acted fairly towards the Papuan people.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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