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Positive Cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia Continues to Slope


By: Lisa Pamungkas )*
Since the implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have continued to decline. This good news is expected to be able to build public optimism, but also not to make people careless to always implement strict Prokes.

The Covid-19 pandemic that we have been through for more than a year has long begun to create concern because there is a lot of bad news about friends and relatives who are sick, even dead. The government certainly doesn’t want mass deaths, so it has made various programs, including PPKM level 4. This program was created to suppress Corona cases in Indonesia.

PPKM level 4, the 10M health protocol, and several other programs made by the government have produced positive results. According to data from the Covid Task Force, Corona patients as of August 2, 2021 ranged at 22,404 people. Compare with a week ago, when Covid patients were still in the range of 30,000 people per day.

Meanwhile, for the number of patients who have recovered as of August 2, 2021, there are more than 32,000 people, bringing the total recovered from Corona to more than 2.8 million people. This figure is certainly a relief, because more people have recovered than lost their lives.

When the number of Corona patients decreases, this is the fruit of the hard work of the government and all parties. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the government has implemented many programs. Starting from health protocols, stay at home, work from home, school from home, PSBB, to PPKM level 4.

People are also starting to get used to wearing masks in an orderly manner and obeying various regulations, so they don’t get Corona. They are aware that discipline is the key in hitting the Covid-19 virus, because it can get out of the way when everything is compact so as not to be close to droplets.

The decline in the number of Corona patients certainly makes us relieved because there is hope to end the pandemic more quickly. If the number of patients is continuously suppressed so that the curve slopes down, then eventually it will become 0 aka no one has been infected by the Covid-19 virus. We can end suffering for more than a year and carry on as normal as before.

However, don’t be careless when the number of Corona patients decreases. The reason is because this number still has to be pressed again. When we are careless and lazy to apply health protocols, that is where the Covid-19 virus lurks and is ultimately dangerous because many are infected. The result is fatal because the number of Corona patients can rise again and be out of control, so the worst possibility is mass death.

We certainly don’t want a tragedy like in India, when many people lost their lives due to Corona and even fought over the burial ground. Therefore, it is still necessary to be disciplined in implementing health protocols, not only 3M but 10M. Don’t be tired to wear masks, keep your distance, wash your hands, avoid crowds and don’t make crowds.

In addition, it is also mandatory to maintain body immunity, keep the environment clean, change clothes after traveling, maintain personal health, and think positively. When you are physically and mentally healthy, you will not be exposed to the Covid-19 virus because your immune system is high and you are disciplined in implementing health protocols. Don’t be lazy, because we certainly don’t want to be the next Covid patient, right?

The decline in the number of Corona patients in Indonesia is very good news because it shows that the programs implemented by the government have been quite successful. The community continues to be disciplined in implementing health protocols so as not to get Corona and not to increase the number of Covid patients. In addition, it is also mandatory to maintain mental health in order to stay sane during the pandemic.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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