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PPKM and Vaccination are the Successful Key to Handling Covid-19


By: Ismail)*
Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) and Vaccination are the keys to successful handling of Covid-19. With the acceleration of handling Covid-19, the process of national economic recovery is expected to be carried out immediately.

Right now you must be very stressed by the pandemic, which not only threatens your physical health, but also your mental health. The Covid-19 virus, which is super mini in size, is apparently capable of tearing apart various fields, from health, economy, tourism, to psychology. So the government is trying hard to get rid of the corona from Indonesia, so that the population is physically and mentally healthy.

To deal with the severity of the corona virus, the government has implemented PPKM. The program which started in early July 2021 was initially very surprising, because people’s mobility was very limited. There are partitions everywhere, from the city center to the border areas. In addition, taking public transportation is also limited and must show a vaccine certificate in the Peduli Protect application.

But this program is starting to show results. When we look at the data released by the Covid Task Force Team, on August 6, 2021 the number of Covid patients was more than 39,000 people, while on September 6, 2021, there were only 4,000 people per day. This means that within a month, the number of Covid patients dropped dramatically to only about 10% from the initial figure.

Therefore, the community agrees that the PPKM will be extended again as of September 10, 2021, because this program has proven its effectiveness. If there is PPKM, mobility is limited so that it can reduce the number of corona patients. In addition, during PPKM, employees also work from home (for non-essential industries) so as to minimize contact between people and everything is safe from the Covid-19 virus.

PPKM could be extended again for the next week or two, depending on the number of corona patients in Indonesia. The reason is because the government wants the transmission of corona to be really suppressed to 0%. So that we can be free from the pandemic status sooner than expected.

Besides PPKM, another way to get out of the pandemic is by vaccination. The public totally agrees with the national vaccination because the vaccine is proven to increase the body’s immunity from corona attacks. Moreover, the vaccine is free, has MUI halal status, and has passed the BPOM test. Vaccination is a golden opportunity to be free from corona and it is the right of every Indonesian citizen to get health protection from the government.

People are very enthusiastic about vaccination and they participate in mass vaccinations, which are usually held by the authorities. Mass vaccination has indeed become one of the government’s steps to speed up this program, and indeed the target is being raised. From ‘only’ 1 million injections to 3 million per day. So we are optimistic that by 2022 the national vaccination will be 100% complete.

The enthusiasm of the community is seen when they are enthusiastic when queuing before vaccination, and they are willing to receive injections even though they are not at the Puskesmas. Indeed, the current vaccination sites are varied, not only in hospitals or other health centers but also in the field, hall, or GOR. The important thing is that there are health workers who are experienced to vaccinate and they believe in the efficacy of the vaccine.

Moreover, vaccination is currently the main requirement before entering the mall, before taking public transportation, even before the CPNS test, you should also show a vaccine certificate. So that those who do not want to be vaccinated will find it difficult and inevitably they are willing to be injected.

PPKM and vaccination are the government’s two main steps in dealing with the corona virus. The community is already relieved when PPKM continues to be extended, because they are aware that this program is good for reducing the number of Covid patients. Vaccination is also mandatory, so that we are all free of corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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