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PPKM Effectively Controls Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia


By : Afrizal

The implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) has proven to be effective in controlling Corona cases in Indonesia. This is evident from the number of Covid patients dropping drastically to only around 20% from 2 months ago, so the community is expected to continue to support the program.

Starting in early July 2021, various regions in Indonesia were affected by PPKM, some with levels 1 to 4. The level of PPKM depends on the number of Corona patients in the area. At first, there were those who underwent PPKM half-forced because they felt that their freedom was restricted. Even though the purpose of this program is to control Corona cases in Indonesia, which 2 months ago reached its peak.

The sweet fruit of PPKM can be seen when we look at the data released by the Covid task force team. On July 5, 2021, Corona patients reached 29,000 people, while on September 5, 2021, there were only 5,000 people. This drastic decrease shows the effectiveness of PPKM, so it is only natural that this program continues to be extended weekly. With the hope that the number of Covid patients continues to decline.

When there was a decline in Covid cases in Indonesia, Malaysia was surprised, why did that happen? Maybe they are tired of how to control Corona in their country and want to learn from the Indonesian government. The Director of Prevention of Direct Infectious Disease Control at the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, stated that the decline in Covid cases was due to the collaboration of the government and the community.

As long as the PPKM has been implemented in the past 2 months, there have been very few violations in the field. The public also understands that PPKM is made for the health of many people, so as not to be exposed to Corona, so they obey it. For example, they cancel their vacation plans out of town and just rest at home during PPKM, knowing that high mobility can increase the number of Corona transmission.

In addition, during PPKM it is completely quiet from celebrations and wedding parties, because only private events with a maximum of 35 guests can be held. Even with the addition of conditions that must be in accordance with health protocols, so guests must wear masks, wash their hands, keep their distance, and not eat at the party. So that the food is taken home in a special box.

Siti Nadia added that during PPKM there was a collaboration between the community, the government, epidemiologists, clinicians, and mass organizations. Their support was very positive and made this program a success. In addition, health facilities are increasing and there are more (and free) places to isolate Covid patients, and health workers are committed to making patients recover quickly. So that Corona can be controlled in these 2 months.

Collaboration is very important because the government cannot run alone during PPKM. Epidemiologists continue to provide input on how to control Corona, because they understand the theory better, so the number of Covid patients continues to decline thanks to PPKM and other strategies from the government.

In addition, the government also continues to equip hospitals with ventilators and other medical equipment, so that Covid patients can survive and recover quickly. Even if they experience mild symptoms of Corona, they can isolate in a place that has been provided and the facilities are quite complete. Free medical personnel and medicines are also available.

Ormas have also contributed to the success of PPKM because they realize how good this program is. So, they don’t create crowds and eliminate activities that invite large crowds, for the time being. Instead, it can be held online via Zoom.

The success of PPKM is the fruit of collaboration between the government, the community, epidemiologists, and other parties. As a result, the number of Covid patients decreased drastically to only 20% from 2 months ago. We should maintain this achievement and if possible the number of Covid patients is suppressed again.

The author is a contributor to the press circle and a student of Cikini

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