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PPKM Extension and Vaccination Accelerate Handling Covid-19


By: Dede Sulaiman)*
Extension of the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) and vaccinations are considered capable of accelerating the handling of Covid-19. With this acceleration, the economic recovery can be implemented immediately.
The government has officially extended the PPKM until September 9, 2021. The extension of the PPKM is considered the right step to maintain the positive trend in handling Covid-19 and reduce cases of death due to Covid-19. PPKM is also considered an efficient program in dealing with Corona cases in Indonesia. As of August 30, 2021, the number of Covid patients dropped dramatically to only 4,000 people per day. Whereas a few days ago there were still 7,000 people and last month it was even very high, up to 40,000 cases per day.
Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan stated that the improvements that have been achieved (during PPKM) should not be in vain. In the sense that PPKM is being extended again for a good purpose and not until when people insist that this program is no longer extended, there will be an increase in Corona cases. If so, it will be very confusing because the pandemic will end at some point.
In addition, the success of PPKM should not be passed and make many people abandon health protocols. Precisely when this program is extended, we will be more disciplined in implementing the program, as one of the efforts to resist Corona. Don’t forget to wear a mask and always wash your hands with antiseptic soap, and keep your distance from each other.
To speed up the handling of Corona, the public must obey the 10M health protocol, not just 3M or 5M. Keep in mind other progress points, such as changing clothes (after traveling), keeping the environment clean, maintaining immunity, avoiding crowds (and not intentionally making them) and reducing mobility.
When PPKM is strictly forbidden to create crowds for fear of transmission of the Covid-19 virus from OTG, so for the sake of accelerating the handling of Corona, do not intentionally violate this rule. If someone deliberately makes a crowd event, it will be immediately disbanded and the place sealed, as happened at a celebrity’s birthday party in Makassar.
In addition to PPKM, one of the efforts to accelerate the handling of Corona is vaccination. This program was intensified and the target was increased, from 1 million injections to 3 million injections per day (in Indonesia). For the national vaccination period, the target is a maximum of 12 months (starting from March 2021).
Vaccination can increase the human body’s immunity from the Covid-19 virus. Every vaccine injection is free for the health of all Indonesian people, so there is no reason to refuse it. Moreover, the Corona vaccine has received MUI halal status and has a BPOM permit so it is very safe.
To accelerate vaccination, for the sake of establishing herd immunity, mass vaccinations, door-to-door vaccinations, and mutual cooperation vaccinations are held. Throughout Indonesia, efforts are made to carry out these 3 programs. All of these programs are for public health and they are relieved to have their right to be vaccinated.
To deal with the ferocity of Corona and end the terrible pandemic period, we must follow the rules during PPKM. Do not delay when this program is extended, because it is hoped that the number of Covid patients will decrease again. In addition, another way to reduce Corona cases in Indonesia is to require vaccination.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room

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