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PPKM Policy Lowers Red Zones in Various Regions of Indonesia


By: Agung Priyatna )*

The Policy for the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities has proven to be able to reduce the Red Zone in various parts of Indonesia . This is certainly something to be grateful for because it proves that the PPKM policy is running as expected.

Since the beginning of July, PPKM has been implemented and continues to be extended almost every week. It is always surprising when the government announces the extension of this program. The reason is because there is little hope that PPKM can be stopped, due to mobility restrictions and other strict rules.

However , we must be patient and ready to accept the decision when the PPKM is extended . The reason is because this program has succeeded in reducing red zones in various regions in Indonesia. Based on data from the COVID-19 task force team , Indonesia is currently in the yellow zone. In a sense, Corona cases have been controlled so that fewer areas have red zone status.

According to data from the COVID-19 task force team , currently there are only 5 regions with red zone status. Whereas at the end of last month, there were 7 provinces that were included in the red zone. We also hope that progress will be more positive so that the status can change again to a green zone, which is relatively safer than the yellow or orange zone.

The reduction in areas that are included in the red zone is very grateful because it shows the government’s hard work in dealing with Corona . Including PPKM which is one of the powerful ‘weapons’ to reduce the number of Covid patients . This program was deliberately designed to secure Covid cases in Indonesia, so that a prolonged pandemic that is like a nightmare does not occur.

The efficacy of PPKM in beating Corona occurred because: first, this program limited people’s mobility. At the beginning of the PPKM period, even the security forces were very strict. In the middle of the city and the border is guarded with discipline and there is a barrier so that cars and motorbikes are prohibited from driving, and told to turn back.

If there are restrictions on mobility, it will have a positive effect on the decrease in the number of Covid patients, which will cause the loss of red zone status in an area. The reason is because mass movements have been proven to increase Corona cases in an area and the Covid- 19 virus is increasingly spreading everywhere. Also lots of OTG hanging around.

So what if the OTGs don’t wear masks? Of course there will be more cases, and if the PPKM is not extended, it will be a big disaster. There will be transmission of Corona everywhere and the worst possibility is mass death. As happened in India. We certainly do not want to fall into this tragedy, right?

Therefore, be normal when the PP KM is extended. The reason is because this program has proven effective in reducing the number of areas affected by the red zone in Indonesia and controlling Covid cases in Indonesia. PPKM is not a prison, but a way for us all to be safe from the danger of Corona .

Moreover, the longer the rules in PPKM are loosened and the barriers are minimal, and they are replaced with odd-even rules. School children in the green and yellow zones can also do face-to-face learning again. In addition, it is also allowed to eat in restaurants, although the duration and capacity of visitors are still limited.

Rest assured that PPKM is effective in beating Corona and reducing red zones in Indonesia. Don’t even protest for this and that reason, because this program is made for a healthy and Corona- free community . We certainly want to get out of the pandemic phase as soon as possible, therefore we must obey all the rules in PPKM.

)* The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press and Student circles

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