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PPKM Relaxation Must Be With Strict Procedures


By: Savira Ayu)*
PPKM has been extended again until September 6, 2021, but the positive thing is that there is relaxation or easing of rules. However, the public must continue to carry out health protocols, because corona cases are still occurring in Indonesia.
There is good news when many regions in Indonesia have dropped their level, from PPKM level 4 to level 3. Among them are Surabaya Raya, Malang Raya, and Solo Raya. This decrease in level was due to the decreasing number of corona patients and the low occupancy rate of beds in hospitals (BOR), which was only 27%. This number is very good and if it can be reduced to 0%.
When the PPKM level drops, there will be an automatic relaxation of the rules so that people can breathe a sigh of relief. The reason is because they can move and carry out mobility, even though they are not 100% free as they used to be when the world was not hit by a pandemic. The first rule is that there is no blocking on the roads but it is replaced by passing vehicles with an odd and even number system.
In addition, factories both in the essential and non-essential sectors are allowed to reopen, but employees must work in 2 shifts, thus avoiding crowds. They are also required to install the Peduli Protect application because there are various guidelines during the pandemic there.
Another rule that is a relief for entrepreneurs is that malls and other shopping centers may reopen but are limited to 9 p.m. only. Meanwhile, restaurant visitors are also allowed to dine in or eat on the spot, but the maximum capacity is only 50%.
People are relieved to relax during PPKM because to be honest they want to go back to the mall and do some more mobility. But it must be remembered that all of this is safe if done with strict health protocols. Don’t forget the fact that it’s still a pandemic period so that corona can still lurk when many people are negligent.
First, when walking around, you must wear a double mask, with a medical mask on the inside and a cloth mask on the outside, so that the filtration reaches 90%. When in the car, you must still wear a mask and don’t take it off, because if caught by the officer, you can get a ticket. They also have to keep their distance, so that the maximum passenger capacity is 50%.
The second rule, when going to the Mall, visitors must be over 12 years old, because only those who have been vaccinated are allowed to enter it. They also have to show the evidence with the Peduli Protect application, so it is mandatory to install it on their respective gadgets. Mall capacity is also still limited, a maximum of 50%, to avoid crowds.
While the third rule is that schools in areas affected by PPKM level 1-3 may be opened again, but with some conditions. Among other things, teachers must have been vaccinated and if students are 12 years old and over they must also be vaccinated. There is a faucet in front of the school for washing hands and the entry takes turns, aka alternately, because the class capacity is only 50% of students. This rule is again made so that there are no crowds.
The loosening of rules in PPKM makes us relieved because children can learn directly at school, and their parents can return to work in the office. On weekends you can also eat at the restaurant and enjoy a fun weekend. However, you must remain vigilant and obey health protocols so that all are safe from corona.
Obeying health protocols is very easy because actually for almost 2 years we have been used to obeying them. Always remind the children to wear masks and wash their hands, so that they are also disciplined in following the procedures. If everyone obeys the rules, the transmission of corona will be much reduced and we can be free from the pandemic as soon as possible.

)* The author is a contributor to the Indonesian Reading Movement

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