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PPKM Successfully Reduced Death Rate Due to Covid-19


By: Zakaria )*
PPKM is a program that has proven successful, because it reduces the number of Corona patients as well as the death rate from this terrible disease. However, we must not be careless and leave the health protocol because it is still a pandemic period.
Corona is the most popular disease as well as the most avoided in the past 2 years, and the Covid-19 pandemic is like a nightmare that wants to end soon. To minimize the spread of Corona, the government has implemented PPKM since early July 2021. This program continues to be extended because it is the result of an evaluation, and the situation is considered not to be 100% conducive.
However, there is good news because the results of the extension of the PPKM are very sweet. According to data from the Covid Task Force, the death rate due to Corona has decreased to only around 3%, and since 10 days ago less than 1,000 people have lost their lives per day. This proves the effectiveness of PPKM, so if this program is extended again, no one will complain.
When the death rate due to Corona and the number of Covid patients decreased, it was natural for PPKM to be extended again. The reason is because it is hoped that with the extension of this program, the death rate can drop to 0%, aka no one has lost their life due to Corona. Hopefully there will be no more transmission of the Covid-19 virus and we can be free from the pandemic period as soon as possible.
The decrease in the death rate occurred because many patients recovered and were finally able to leave the hospital. When PPKM the bed occupancy rate in hospitals dropped dramatically, from the 90% to 60% range, so Corona patients could easily get rooms. In contrast to a few months ago when the number of patients exploded and finally many chose to self-isolate.
Whereas self-isolation must comply with the standards of the Ministry of Health. This means not only languishing at home for at least 14 days, but at home also still wearing masks (which are replaced every 4 hours), diligently washing hands, and taking medicine and vitamins regularly. Even the bathroom for Corona patients during isoman must also be separated from healthy family members, in order to minimize transmission.
When someone is self-isolating (forced to not get a bed at the hospital), but not according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, his stamina can drop, especially when he turns out to have comorbid or congenital diseases. When his immunity drops, he can easily lose his life due to Corona, especially when his body has not been vaccinated.
Therefore, when PPKM is tightened and causes the BOR (level of occupancy of beds in hospitals) to decrease, patients with severe conditions can be hospitalized and are not forced to self-isolate. So that he can get intensive care from medical personnel and finally healthy. He also survived the worst possible alias loss of life.
PPKM can continue to be extended when the number of Corona patients is still above 5,000 people per day and the death rate is still in the range of 3%. We must be relieved if this program is continued again in the next week, because it is hoped that it will reduce the death rate due to Corona. We certainly don’t want to be infected with the Covid-19 virus and eventually die, right?
PPKM is very effective in reducing the death rate due to Corona and this is very grateful because it indicates that many patients are finally healthy again. The community has also been able to be orderly in obeying various rules in PPKM. When PPKM is extended, don’t complain because this program is made for the sake of mutual safety.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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