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Preventing the Spread of Radicalism Among ASN


By: Muhammad Yasin)*

Radicalism is a dangerous virus that can affect society, including the State Civil Apparatus (ASN). The spread of radicalism among ASN must be stopped so that it does not spread further.

A state civil servant (ASN) is the dream job of the majority of undergraduates, because when a civil servant becomes a civil servant, he will get a large salary plus allowances, and later when he is retired, he will be given a pension. No wonder the registration of Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) every year is so booming. ASN is considered to have a stable position and is highly respected in society.

However, it was revealed that 27 ASN had been exposed to radicalism. Y. Tony Surya Putra, Special Staff to the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform in the field of handling radicalism, stated that ASN involved in radicalism was proven to be anti-Pancasila, anti-unity, and intolerance. In a sense, it turns out that radicalism has poisoned the minds of civil servants.

Tony continued, a civil servant should be obliged to choose relationships, both in the office and in the community. He also should not be provoked by incitement on social media that could trap him in radical thinking. In a sense, ASN must choose a good and anti-radical environment and must not be trapped by hoaxes and propaganda that is deliberately spread by radical groups on social media.

When an ASN has been exposed to radicalism, he can be severely punished. Starting from a warning by the head of the service, the cancellation of promotions, demotions or ranks, to the most fatal is dishonorable dismissal. The Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Tjahjo Kumolo stated that there are 10 civil servants who are fired every month because of their involvement in radicalism.

In a sense, when it comes to being dishonorably fired, the case is already very serious. It will be a loss if he is dismissed just like that because he will not get a pension. His name has also been damaged in the eyes of the public because he is considered a traitor to the nation and a failed former civil servant. The position of ASN is not forever and they must understand that being a radical cadre is a fatal mistake that can lead to dismissal.

To prevent the spread of radicalism, the first thing to do is to prevent it from an early stage. When registering for CPNS, in addition to showing a vaccine letter, participants must also show proof that they are anti-radicalism. In addition, their social media accounts are also monitored. When it is proven that he indulged in jihad, caliphate, etc., it is certain that he will not be passed as an ASN.

Second, employees who have officially become ASN, both old and new, have their social media accounts monitored. Supervision must be carried out because as state servants they represent the state. Do not let there be ASN but their behavior is erratic on social media. If anyone finds an ASN like that, just report it to the cyber police.

While the third, currently there is no radical ASN application. With this application, it can be known whether there is a radical civil servant or not, and when the machine is the one supervising him, he can’t just be fooled.

Finally, it would be better to hold seminars and appeals to ASN about the dangers of radicalism. They need to be reminded of the disadvantages of being involved in a radical group, because the biggest punishment is dismissal.

ASN who are proven to be radical can receive a strong reprimand, postponement of promotion, until the most fatal is dishonorable dismissal. Prevention must be done so that all ASN are not poisoned by radicalism, from screening anti-radical civil servants to surveillance on social media.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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