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Prevention of Radicalism Needs to be Taught Early


By: Abdul Karim )*

Prevention of radicalism is carried out by the government in various ways, including teaching from an early age and directly targeting schools. Children need to be given clear knowledge about radicalism, so that in the future they will not become radical cadres.

A nation can be destroyed because of radicalism and there are many examples, and the people who suffer the most are the people because they have to be bound by strict rules. Radical groups must be expelled as soon as possible so as not to destroy Indonesia, because they are acting crazy with their desire to abolish Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

To prevent radicalism, it needs to be taught from an early age, especially to students. This was stated by AKBP Yudho Huntoro, Deputy Chairman of the Public Relations Task Force V for Mandago Raya 2022 Operations. For implementation, socialization about radicalism and terrorism was held at a junior high school in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Early prevention is important because students must know what radicalism and terrorism really mean. If they already know what it means, they will not be easily persuaded by radical groups. The reason is, radicalism is increasingly fierce and enters social media. So it is very vulnerable for teenagers who like to hang out on social media to be exposed to radicalism.

When students know the characteristics of radical groups, they will not be easy to recruit. Radical groups are deliberately looking for young cadres or teenagers as prey. Therefore, they must be protected from an early age, through socialization.

KH Ma’ruf Amin, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, explained that the prevention of radicalism can be done from an early age, even at the PAUD level. Prevention must be done with education in schools because of course children get lessons there almost every day. In a sense, the sooner the better, because children can be prevented from falling into the current of radicalism.

Prevention of radicalism must be done from an early age because they don’t want to be radical from a young age. Do you remember the case when some children turned out to be radical? It turned out that after being traced, his parents also belonged to a radical group. They were severely reprimanded for making their children such a mess.

After this case, it reminded me of another case, when children were caught destroying graves and being intolerant. They were poisoned by radicalism from the school, which is now closed.

How sad it is when children become victims because they are like plain paper but are instead polluted by radicalism, both from school and their parents. Do not let the next victim, therefore prevention must be early.

Parents also have to be careful in choosing an educational institution, don’t just register because the building is good. But you have to go in and research into it, find out who the principal is, the leader of the foundation, etc. Don’t let the list of building fees show that the children there are actually being taught to be radicals and terrorists.

Usually, the characteristics of radical schools are that they do not want to display photos of the president and vice president, and the Garuda Pancasila. Also check the social media accounts of teachers and foundation administrators, because usually there are digital traces of them, whether they are ‘clean’ or involved in radicalism.

The public is also obliged to keep their ears open and pay attention to the environment. Don’t let a neighbor’s child turn out to have radical behavior. It should be investigated whether he was exposed to radicalism from his parents, teachers, or others, so that it can be prevented so that his personality is not damaged.

Prevention of radicalism must be done from an early age. Children should not become victims of radical groups due to lack of education and supervision. We have to keep them straight and nationalist.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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