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Radicalism is the Great Enemy of Society


By: Alif Fikri)*
Radicalism is the biggest enemy of society. The existence of this understanding not only causes the emergence of intolerant and violent practices but also causes division of the nation.
Indonesia is a democratic country based on Pancasila. This is non-negotiable and has been in effect since independence in 1945. However, there are radical and terrorist groups, who have ambitions to change the basis of the state and turn this country into a caliphate. When their ideas are rejected outright, they blame the government and endanger the community.
Indonesian citizens (WNI) also do not agree with radicalism and terrorism, because this group invites people to rebel and commit violence. Yet it is clear that bombings and rebellions are forbidden. But radical groups do it arbitrarily, and then get emotional when caught by the authorities.
Lecturer of the Bandung Institute of Technology Syarif Hidayat invites the public to continue to be consistent in maintaining an anti-radical attitude. Indonesia consists of moderate and multi-dimensional people, who are grateful for diversity. In a sense, the call to be anti-radical continues to be echoed. Unity and diversity must continue to be carried out, so that society is solid and fights radicalism that can destroy this country.
Radicalism is the great enemy of society because first, radical groups impose their will to form a caliphate state. Whereas Indonesia is a democratic country and cannot be replaced with other concepts. Moreover, members of radical groups do not have any positions in the government, but insist on establishing a caliphate.
People clearly don’t want any changes because Indonesia is turned into a caliphate state because it doesn’t match the conditions on the ground. Where there are so many different tribes and backgrounds in this country. Indonesia is only compatible with a democratic system that is able to unite the differences of society with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, different but one.
The caliphate system is not suitable to be applied in any country, even in a country where the majority of the population is Muslim. Therefore, the idea needs to be rejected and equate this country with other countries. The social conditions of the people are certainly different and cannot suddenly be turned into a caliphate.
Many people are afraid that if Indonesia turns into a caliphate then the law will be strictly enforced. For example, when there is a theft, the perpetrator is not tried and then taken to prison. But instead he cut off part of his hand. If someone is caught committing immoral acts such as adultery, the punishment is stoning or stoning.
Therefore, people continue to reject the invitation to be radical because it does not fit the conditions in Indonesia. When in this country there are many differences among the people, but they are fine because they are full of tolerance. However, radicalism rejects differences and imposes opinions, therefore no citizen agrees with it.
Moreover, radical groups use violent means in carrying out their actions. For example by doing sweeping in food stalls during the day, during the fasting month. Even though it is possible that those who eat there are not fasting because they are pregnant, still giving birth, or are menstruating. Or indeed not fasting because there is no obligation to fast in his belief.
The coercion of wills carried out by radical groups makes people angry because they do it many times. However, coercion is unacceptable in a democracy. Moreover, they carry out sweeping and coercion without permission from the authorities, making it illegal.
Bombings carried out by radical groups and terrorists are also hated by the public because they are clearly dangerous. There have been too many injuries and fatalities from the bombing. Therefore, it is certain that radical groups have lost their common sense and conscience.
The public is also hostile to radicalism because this teaching destroys Indonesian peace. When there is a bombing incident, there will be many people looking for who did it. Accusations are made and make you feel uncomfortable. Even though it is clear that the perpetrators are radical groups and terrorists, who want to destroy Indonesia.
Therefore, the community fully supports when there are bombers and members of radical groups arrested by Densus 88. Arrest of radical groups must be done so that they do not destroy peace in Indonesia and undermine this country from within.

The public also immediately reports to the cyber police if there is social media content that supports radicalism and terrorism. They are anti-radical and do not like it if this teaching is entrenched in Indonesia. Do not let there be many people who support radicalism because of reading radical content.
Radicalism is the biggest enemy of society and all Indonesian citizens hate it. Radicalism will destroy peace and ignite hostility in this country, also increasing the issue of SARA. Do not let radicalism grow rapidly, therefore the community supports the arrest of members of a terrorist group by the authorities.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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