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Radicalism still exists, people are asked to remain vigilant


The recent arrests of members of the Indonesian Islamic State (NII) network in several regions show that the spread of radicalism is still ongoing. The public is asked to always be vigilant and work together to stem this forbidden understanding.

Indonesia has been independent for 75 years. In maintaining national sovereignty, as good citizens, we are obliged to maintain nationalism. In addition, the public is also obliged to avoid radicalism and terrorism, because this understanding can destroy the nation and displace democracy in Indonesia.

The founder of the NII Crisis Center Ken Setiawan stated that the public must remain vigilant against acts of radicalism and terrorism. Don’t get caught up in the issue of intolerance because intolerance is the root of radicalism. Usually intolerance will be directed to anti-government attitude.

Currently members of radical groups are increasingly cunning in inciting people. They mingle and seem to be ordinary people, even though they are secretly spreading radicalism. The trick is to provoke people to hate the government and eventually lead their minds to agree to the establishment of a caliphate state.

Especially during the pandemic, radical groups also instigate the public not to obey various government regulations. For example, health protocols and the use of masks, they reasoned that Corona did not exist. It’s just a disease from a polytheistic country, so you don’t have to believe it and you don’t have to obey health protocols. Do not let many be poisoned by evil incitement like this because the stakes are lives.

Radical groups are also intolerant and incite the public to become intolerant. They did it on purpose to create social chaos in Indonesia. Whereas intolerance is very dangerous because it can trigger SARA issues (ethnicity, religion, race, and between groups) so it must be suppressed.

Therefore, the public must be aware of radicalism and should not underestimate it, because this understanding is dangerous and can disrupt the social system in Indonesia. Do not let many citizens who are poisoned by radicalism, become haters of the government (even though they have received social assistance and various assistance from the government), and finally agree to the caliphate state.

To eradicate radicalism, we must increase the sensitivity radar. When hanging out with neighbors or new people it is mandatory to be friendly but first look at who he is. If he invites to fight the government and create a caliphate state, then it is definitely radical. Get away from him slowly because his thoughts are dangerous.

Staying away from radical people does not mean being picky about friends, but keeping yourself out of harm’s way. We don’t know how radical that friend is. He could have been on the Wanted List (DPO) and a member of a terrorist group, so it is better to stay away from him.

The way to eradicate radicalism is also to teach it in schools. The students are educated to have a more sense of nationalism. They are also introduced to what radicalism is and its dangers. So if it turns out to be acquainted with members of a radical group, they will reject the invitation outright.

Eradicating radicalism can also be done in cyberspace. Don’t share news carelessly, especially with fantastic titles, it could be just click-bait or hoaxes that are deliberately created and spread by radical groups. Be wary of radical accounts and immediately report them to the cyber police so that they will be taken down.

Radicalism still exists in Indonesia and we must remain vigilant so as not to be dragged into radical currents. Don’t accidentally spread radicalism because you just share news on social media or Whatsapp (WA) groups and check the truth first. Don’t just hang out because members of radical groups have spread everywhere.

Abdul Hamid, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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