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Radicalism Threatens Nation’s Integrity


By: Aulia Hawa )*

The G20 Summit (Summit) will be a catalyst for economic transformation. The G20 Summit is very important because it can increase global cooperation in economic recovery programs.

At the end of this year, Indonesia will host the G20 Summit. The appointment of Indonesia as the presidency (as well as the host) is an honor, because this is the first time a developing country has been entrusted with the presidency. This means that Indonesia is considered important in international relations.

The G20 Summit, which will be held in Bali, will bring many advantages. First, the name of Indonesia will be highlighted so that it will be more viral and famous globally. This is very good because netizens can see the beauty of Bali, so they will be interested in traveling there. Tourism on the Island of the Gods can be boosted again.

In addition, the G20 summit will be a catalyst for economic transformation. The big theme of the 2022 summit is recovering together, recovering stronger, and one of the recoveries is in the economic sector. Before the G20 Summit began, there was already an opening forum, namely the Sherpa Track, which specifically discussed the economy.

Development Working Group 20 also discussed economic transformation. Transformation is needed to overcome the effects of the global pandemic, because this condition does not only occur in Indonesia, but also in other countries.

The Indonesian government is fully supported by the Australian government. The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Penny Williams, stated that Australia strongly supports the Indonesian presidency at the G20 Summit. The goal is to strengthen the global economy, overcome the impact of the pandemic, and make sustainable development.

Penny continued, Australia welcomes Indonesia’s efforts to focus on tangible results and impact on three main priorities, namely reorganizing the global health architecture, digital-based transformation, and environmentally friendly and sustainable energy.

Digital-based transformation can improve everything, especially in the economic field. Indonesia exemplifies the progress that has occurred in its own country. For example, the use of digital wallets as a non-cash payment instrument, which can be used both in cities and in villages.

Digital wallets are really booming even during the pandemic because many are shopping online to reduce leaving the house and prevent crowds, and the payment is very practical. Some even give discounts so that they are loyal to top up balances. In addition, with a digital wallet, it minimizes the use of paper money which can carry viruses and bacteria.

Other countries in the G20 forum can follow Indonesia’s steps and realize that now is the era of information technology, so that almost all lines have a digital version. They can imitate regulations and laws regarding the use of digital wallets, so that the country’s economy is getting better.

In addition, the G20 Summit is a transformation of the economy by digitizing MSMEs. Digitization is very important, not only to tidy up data, but also to increase profits. By plunging into online marketing, MSMEs can market their products not only in their cities, but also throughout Indonesia, even throughout the world.

SMEs should be given assistance in the form of online marketing counseling, because not all small and medium entrepreneurs are technology literate. Or, they have social media accounts just to exist without being used for promotion. The government will provide counseling so that they maximize the internet for trading. This step can also be followed by other G20 participating countries.

The G20 summit is very profitable, especially in the economic field. By holding this forum, there are many advantages, one of which is in the field of economic transformation. Economic digitization is unavoidable because the global market is very potential, and G20 countries will be willing to cooperate.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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