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Religious Institutions at the Forefront of Countering Radicalism


By: Siti Fauziah)*

Radicalism is a ‘virus’ that must be prevented because it can destroy Indonesia. To minimize radicalism, religious institutions such as Islamic boarding schools need to be at the forefront to ward off this forbidden understanding.

As a country with the largest number of Muslims, it is only natural that there are many Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. From Sumatra, to Java and other islands, pesantren are scattered, and become learning institutions that are trusted by many people. When they graduate, students can become clerics, continue their studies, or become entrepreneurs.

However, the rise of Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia needs to be fortified in order to prevent radicalism. The reason is that santri are prospective ustad and work with lectures, and get a respectable place in society. They are obliged to help the government to prevent the spread of radicalism. On the other hand, if the students are dragged into radicalism, they can get into chaos because they spread the wrong things.

Deputy Regent of Boyolali, Wahyu Irawan, stated that students must also understand that radicalism already exists on social media, so they should not dissolve in the euphoria of Facebook and Instagram. Be careful and don’t be influenced by radical groups known through social media.

Meanwhile, Pancasila is also taught in Islamic boarding schools, because they are not only taught religious knowledge and worship procedures. Pancasila must be taught in educational institutions anywhere, because it is the identity of every Indonesian citizen. A santri must have a high sense of nationalism because loving the country is a good thing.

If the students understand Pancasila then they will be more tolerant, because they understand that in Indonesia there are many tribes, languages, cultures, and there are six beliefs that are recognized by the state. So that when students enter the community, they will not be surprised, because indeed we live in a pluralist country.

Tolerance must be taught because it will teach students to prevent radicalism. If they are full of tolerance, they will understand other people and will not get emotional when they see the celebrations of people with other beliefs. That way, there will be a sense of peace that radiates, both at the pesantren and in the community.

The students who passed, then became lecturers, traders, students, etc. Whatever their profession, they are obliged to eradicate radicalism. How to correct the wrong. For example, when there are hoaxes and propaganda, they will be warned that they are wrong.

Students can preach not only directly, but also in other places such as WA groups. They explained to their friends in the group that radicalism is wrong and violence will never be justified. The reason is because the prophet himself never preached in a harsh way, but with gentleness.

In addition, the students also preached on the Friday pulpit. The content of his lecture was the unity and integrity of the nation and the importance of having a sense of nationalism. As good citizens, the congregation is not only diligent in praying together and reciting the Koran, but also must avoid radicalism because this understanding is dangerous and contradicts Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

Pesantren is indeed a strong fortress in preventing radicalism. Do not let radicalism thrive there because it violates the rules. Pesantren must be straight and nationalist, because a devout ummah is also obliged to obey orders from the government. The reason is because all the rules are made for the benefit of society.

The students who plunged into the community realized that he was in the spotlight. Therefore they try to be better and preach in a straight way, as well as anti-radicalism.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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